The program of the school is in its final form. The name of lecturers assigned to each topic is being added on a regular basis.

Introduction to the School (1h)

  • Opening
  • Motivation for the School: Marek Pzrybylski, Krakow, Poland ― Chair

I. Basic concepts (4h30)

  • Fields, Moments, Units, Magnetostatics
  • Magnetism of atoms and ions

II. Magnetism in matter (9h)

  • Electronic and magnetic properties of matter
  • Magnetic interactions: exchange RKKY. Localized and itinerant magnetism
  • Ordering, mean field: Alexandra Kalashnikova, St Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Light-matter interaction

III. Magnetization processes (4.5h)

  • Quasistatic magnetizaiton processes
  • Magnetization dynamics

IV. Techniques (3h)

  • Micromagnetic simulations
  • Magnetometry: Paolo Vavassori, San Sebastian, Spain

V. Magnetism by light (15h)

  • Synchrotron radiation
  • Magneto-optics and magneto-plasmonics: Paolo Vavassori, San Sebastian, Spain
  • X-ray magnetic dichroism
  • Light-induced (de)magnetization processes and all-optical switching: Alexandra Kalashnikova, St Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Atomistic / LLG-B modeling
  • Photo-magnetic transitions
  • THz radiation techniques: pump and probe

IX. Career perspectives (3h)

Two contributions are scheduled from outside the world of lab research. These are intended to promote thinking about economical, ethical or societal issues, and provide an opportunity to discuss and debate about career opportunities for PhD scientifists beyond their defense.