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EMA membership is open to both individuals and bodies (e.g., laboratories, networks, projects, and companies). The following options are available:

  • Pay a voluntary supporting membership fee or give a donation to enable EMA to foster further actions in support of the European magnetism community. The level of support is flexible to account for every national or personal situation. The suggested amount is between €20 - €100 for supporting individuals. Go to supporting membership.
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Both options entitle you to be part of our mailing list and receive information from our side. Membership has no ending date, but removal can be requested at any time.

How will EMA use donations and voluntary membership fees?

EMA is and will remain a non-profit organization that serves the magnetism community in Europe and beyond. Income is generated exclusively by any surplus generated by our events, sponsorship, and membership. This income enables us to develop and maintain our actions, including communication (our website and newsletter, social networks, and a supporting scientific secretariat), the Dominique Givord and Young Scientist Awards, support for young scientists to attend JEMS and ESM, and the fostering of various European actions in the field of magnetism.

EMA is proud to be an inclusive association that is open to all, regardless of their personal, financial, geographical or institutional situation, and services and support are equally available for both members and non-members.

Note: In compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data provided via registration is stored on a server with secured and limited access. This data is processed anonymously and solely for registration and mailing purposes of the European Magnetism Association. No information is passed to any third-party entity.

Individual supporting members

The following persons are supporting members of EMA in 2024. Note that other persons have registered, however declined the public visibility of their name, and therefore are not listed here.


    Laboratoire Albert Fert, CNRS, Thales, Université Paris-Saclay



  • CAFFREY Nuala

    University College Dublin, Ireland

  • DE LOUBENS Grégoire

    Service de Physique de l'Etat Condensé

  • DELGADO Ángel V.

    University of Granada, Spain

  • FRUCHART Olivier



    LAboratory of Physics, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade

  • KRAWCZYK Maciej

    Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

  • KUCH Wolfgang

    Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Experimentalphysik

  • PEREZ Lucas

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid

  • SAXENA Siddharth

    University of Cambridge

  • UHLÍŘ Vojtěch

    Brno University of Technology