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  • EMA Editorial for February 2024


    In this Editorial, Nuala CAFFREY, EMA Officer, discusses Gender and Diversity within the EMA, highlighting ongoing and upcoming actions: EMA Discord channel ‘Women in Magnetism’, International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

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  • EMA Editorial for January 2024


    In this Editorial the President Olivier Fruchart and Vice-President Dennis Meier review the 2024 highlights of EMA, and outline the ongoing and forthcoming development of actions to serve the community.

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  • EMA Editorial for December 2023


    In this December 2023 editorial, Bertrand DUPE, Officer for Carbon Footprint, and the Presidents Olivier FRUCHART and Dennis MEIER, review our responsibility as individual to evaluate and decrease the carbon footprint of our professional activities, and detail the commitment of EMA to contribute to it.

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  • EMA Editorial for November 2023


    In this November 2023 editorial, Christian BACK, Officer for awards, opens the call for nominations for the 2024 EMA Young Scientist Award

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  • EMA Editorial for October 2023


    In this October 2023 editorial, Bertrand DUPE, new General Chair of the European School on Magnetism (ESM), Olivier FRUCHART, past General Chair, and Lucas Perez, Chair for ESM2023, look back at ESM2023 held last month in Madrid, and mention the steps ahead for the school.

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  • EMA Editorial for September 2023


    In this September 2023 editorial, Olivier FRUCHART, EMA President, and Nora DEMPSEY, President of the International Advisory Committee of JEMS, look back at JEMS2023 and provide information about ICM2024 and JEMS2025. Furthermore, they report on key aspects of EMA’s General Council Meeting, which was held during JEMS 2023.

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  • EMA Editorial for August 2023


    In this August 2023 editorial, Diana LEITAO, the EMA Officer for Industrial Relations, presents her view on enabling more vital collaboration among academics, society, and industrial partners within the broad field of Magnetism.

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  • EMA Editorial for July 2023


    In this July 2023 editorial, Nuala Caffrey, the EMA Officer of Gender and Diversity, presents what is done to monitor and improve gender and diversity within EMA actions.

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  • EMA Editorial for June 2023


    In this editorial, Olivier Fruchart, President, and Dennis Meier, Vice-President disclose the election results for the General Council 2023.

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  • EMA Editorial for May 2023


    In this editorial, Olivier Fruchart, President, and Dennis Meier, Vice-President give us a summary of answers and actions that EMA has taken – or considers taking – following the online survey conducted at the beginning of 2023

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