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  • EMA Editorial for November 2022


    In this Editorial, Christian BACK, Officer for Honors and Awards, opens to application the EMA Young Scientist Award and the EMA Dominique Givord Award.

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  • EMA Editorial for October 2022


    In this Editorial, Leon Abelmann, Chair of ESM2022, Bertrand DUPE, Officer for Carbon Footprint and Olivier Fruchart, Officer for Higher Education present the outcome of ESM 2022.

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  • EMA Editorial for August 2022


    In this Editorial, Olivier Fruchart, President of the EMA, and Nora Dempsey, President of the International Advisory Committee of JEMS, present a report on JEMS2022, an outlook on JEMS2023, and highlights of the annual meeting of the General Council of the EMA that took place during JEMS2022.

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  • EMA Editorial for July 2022


    In this Editorial, Nuala Caffrey, Officer for Gender and Diversity of the EMA, presents the policy of EMA regarding Gender and Diversity.

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  • EMA Editorial for June 2022


    In this Editorial, Burkard HILLEBRANDS and Olivier FRUCHART, respectively EMA president and vice-President, disclose the election results for the General Council 2022.

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  • EMA Editorial for May 2022


    In this Editorial, Christian BACK, Officer for Awards, discloses results of the EMA 2022 Young Scientist Award and briefly introduces the awardee (Jan Masell).

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  • EMA Editorial for April 2022


    In this Editorial we would like to draw your attention to some important upcoming dates concerning the annual elections of the General Council members, and the upcoming European School of Magnetism 2022.

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