Technical sponsorship

Technical sponsorship

The European Magnetism Association offers to support the technical organization of magnetism-related events, as part of its mission to support the Magnetism community. The agreement is technical, not implying endorsement by the EMA of the scientific content or initiative resulting from the event. The agreement is offered against no payment. The primary contact of the EMA for these agreements is the Officer for Communication.

From the side of the EMA

The EMA can offer support in one or several of the following aspects

  • Hosting web pages for all or part of the event. This includes the management of customized registration forms for the event, however not payment solutions. These pages are implemented and managed by EMA staff, based on material and information provided by the organizers of the event.
  • Advice on good practices related to gender and diversity aspects, carbon footprint, online tools etc.

From the side of the event organizer

The event organizers agree to:

  • Promote the EMA through their documents and website (logo, link and QR code, short description of the EMA).
  • Include an opt-in option to append the mail of registrants to the mailing list of the EMA.
  • Implement a number of good practices suggested by the EMA (see above), based on a common agreement.

Documents and contact

  • Official description of the technical sponsorship (PDF)
  • Contact: Emmanuelle JAL, Officer for Communication.