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  • Acal BFi

    European company

    Supplier of soft magnetic cores (advanced powder, amorphous, ferrite, iron powder, nanocrystalline), inductors, chokes, transformers; sensors and many other products

  • Advanced Electromagnetics Group

    NL-based company

    Designer and supplier of magnetic/electromagnetic solutions for motors

  • Arnold Magnetic Technologies

    Global company (branches in CH, UK)

    Manufacturer of high performance magnets, magnetic assemblies and precision thin metals

  • Bakker Magnetics

    NL-based company

    Magnetic Technology Assemblies, Magnets, Flexible Magnetic Products, Magnetic Separation, ...

  • Bunting Magnetics Europe

    UK-based company

    Magnetic separation, Metal detection, Magnets, Assemblies, Magnetising equipment, ...

  • Camfridge

    UK company

    Production of magnetocaloric materials for cooling technologies

  • Dexter Magnetic Technologies

    US-based, branch in DE

    Custom magnet manufacturer and supplier; permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, medical solutions, cores, specific magnets for sensors, ...

  • Eclipse Magnetics Ltd

    UK-based company (branches in CA, FR, CN)

    Design, manufacture and supply of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, lifters, filtration systems, workholding, tools, custom magnets and prototypes

  • Ferroceram

    Ukrainian company

    Development and production of ferrites and components for electronic equipment based on ferrites.

  • Goudsmit Magnetics Group

    NL based international company

    Manufacturer of magnets and industrial magnetic systems


    French company

    Manufacturer of magnetic iron oxide nanopowders


    Global company based in Slovenia

    Magnetics division fabricates (permanent) magnets and magnetic components

  • MagDev Ltd

    UK-based company

    Supplier of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies and soft ferrite cores.

  • Magnequench

    Magnetic powders manufacturer

    NdFeB powders for bonded neo magnet etc., subsidiary of Molycorp

  • Magnetfabrik Bonn

    Germany based midsize family-run company

    Manufacturer of (polymer-bonded) permanent magnets

  • Magneti Ljubljana d.d.

    Slovenia-based company

    Manufacturer of permanent magnets (AlNiCo, SmCo, NdFeB; bonded magnets)

  • Magnetportal

    German e-shop

    German e-shop with magnets


    German company

    Develops and builds highly-efficient and sustainable cooling as well as heating solutions based on magnetic materials

  • MagREEsource

    French company

    rare earth magnet company: From NdFeB powders to high performance magnets.

  • Max Baermann

    German company

    producer of plastic bonded magnets


    Ukrainian company

    Development and manufacturing of soft magnetic alloys and products.

  • MS-Schramberg

    German company

    European manufacturer of (permanent) magnets and magnet assemblies

  • Newland Magnetics

    Branch in France

    Material data, technical and design assistance; NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo, ferrite and soft magnets.

  • Nicofe Materials


    Soft magnetic alloys, controlled expansion (NiCoFe) and other alloys. Former name: Ed Fagan Europe.

  • REEtec

    Norway-based company

    High quality rare earth products from european resources manufactured by a more environment-friendly process.

  • Sintex

    Danish company

    NdFeB magnets, soft magnetic composites, magnetic couplings, rotors and advanced magnetic systems (Halbach fields)

  • Supermagnete

    German-based e-shop

    International e-shop with magnets

  • Ukrainian Magnet Systems

    Ukrainian company

    Development and production of separators and magnetic systems for science and industry, delivery of magnetic rubber and permanent magnets.

  • Vacuumschmelze

    German-based large-scale company

    Manufacturer of various magnetic materials and related products

  • Vega Technik


    Permanent magnets, magnetic lifters, equipment, assemblies & components

  • 3R-Cycle


    Recycling rare-earths; green chemistry to leach and recover rare earth and precious metals from e-waste and mining ore.

High-precision and scientific instruments

  • Bartington Instruments

    UK company

    High precision fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers, magnetic susceptibility instruments - design and manufacturing; data processing equipment


    French company

    Scientific instruments: dedicated electromagnets and UHV systems (MOKE air/UHV, XMCD UHV), high stability power supplies, NMR gaussmeters

  • Durham Magneto Optics Ltd

    UK company

    Kerr effect magnetometers and direct-write photolithography tools

  • Elliptika

    French spin-off

    RF and Microwave Design, Electromagnetic simulations


    German company

    Magnetizers and magnetic flux density meters, Gaussmeters

  • evico magnetics GmbH

    German company

    Magneto-Optical Kerr Microscopes/ Magnetometers and High-Pressure Milling Vials

  • Hprobe

    Spin-off of Spintec lab

    3D magnetic field Wafer-level Electrical Test Prober

  • Kiutra

    German company

    Magnetic Refrigerators: State-of-the-art cooling for science and technology

  • Lake Shore Cryotronics

    US company

    Supplier of precision magnetic field sensors, gaussmeters, fluxmeters, vibrating sample magnetometers (VSM); electromagnets and THz characterization systems

  • M-Pulse

    Germany based SME

    Provider of magnetic measurement and magnetizing equipment

  • Matesy GmbH

    German company

    Magnetic Technologies and Systems (measure and visualize magnets, magnetic fields and magnetic components); also supplier of magnetic sensors and materials (permanent magnets, YIG films)

  • Metrolab Technology SA

    Swiss-based company

    Precision magnetometers for various applications (magnetic resonance imaging, metrology, research, ...)

  • NanOsc AB

    Swedish SME

    Spintronics and FMR technologies

  • NanoScan AG

    Former Swiss-company, now part of IONTOF

    Scanning Probe Microscopes manufacturer specialized in magnetic force microscopy

  • Quantum Design

    Branches in Europe

    Scientific Instrumentation: Magnetometry (VSM, SQUID, field measurement), Cryogenics, Material characterization, ...



    Develops and manufactures advanced instruments for magnetic field and electric current measurement, as well as the corresponding engineering services

  • Singulus Technologies

    Germany-based global company

    Advanced vacuum thin-film deposition equipment as well as wet processing systems for magnetic sensors, MRAM, and many other applications.

  • Spin-Ion Technologies

    FR company

    Ultra-compact He+ ion beam process technology to enhance the magnetic properties of thin films at the atomic scale

  • THATec Innovation

    German company

    Lab measurement automation, Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy,Turnkey systems for optical scanning microscopy.

  • TeraSpinTec GmbH

    German company

    Spintronic terahertz emitters (up to 40 THz; e.g., for Ultrabroadband Terahertz Spectroscopy)

Magnetic sensors

  • Bogen Electronic GmbH

    German company

    Magnetic sensors (angle, position), magnetic read/write heads(ticket, credit cards, ...)

  • CrivaSense Technologies

    French company

    New technologies in the field of magnetic sensors

  • CROCUS Technology

    French/US SME

    Developer of magnetically enhanced semiconductor technologies for mobile security, embedded microcontrollers, harsh environment electronics and magnetic sensors

  • ELGO Electronic GmbH

    German company

    Position sensors (length, angle)

  • IGS Research

    SME originating from the Czech Republic

    Solution-provider company based on magnetic sensors technology


    Innovation platform for magnetic microsystems

    (in German) A consortium of German SMEs addressing magnetic sensing

  • Magnopol GmbH

    German company

    Magnetic measurement systems, pole rings/encoders, elastomer-bound magnets, ...

  • Melexis

    European-based company

    Magnetic sensors for cars (rotational, linear and 3D displacement)


    European-based company

    Bearings. Use of magnetism for encoders

  • RVmagnetics

    Slovak company

    Research, development and production of miniature sensors based on magnetic (glass-coated) microwires.

  • Sensitec

    German-based mid-scale company

    Magnetoresistive sensors

  • Skipper NDT

    French company

    Contactless magnetic inspection (of pipelines), solutions for improving the integrity of unpiggable pipelines.

Information technology

  • Antaios

    French company

    Development of Spin-Orbit Torque Magnetic Random-Access Memory (SOT-MRAM).

  • Nellow

    FR startup

    Low power components for memory, logic and AI (implementing ferroelectric spintronic concepts).

  • Seagate

    US-based company

    Hard-disk drive (magnetic and SSD) manufacturer. Has a large research center and production site in Ireland

  • Spin Transfer Technologies

    New York University and Allied Minds company

    Orthogonal spin transfer magnetoresistive random access memory (OST-MRAM) - development and commercialization

Consultance and services


    US company

    Business and technical consultation services for the global magnetics industry

  • Magnetics magazine

    A magazine on magnetics (Business & Technology)

    News, links and (industry) events related to magnetism

  • Spontaneous Materials

    a US-based company

    Consultancy specializing in rare earth permanent magnets

Biology and health

  • MagForce AG

    German company

    Equipment for magnetic hyperthermia cancer treatment

  • MagIA diagnostics

    FR company

    Provides portable, quick and affordable immonoassays thanks to magnetic beads

  • nanoScale Biomagnetics

    Spain-based tech company

    Instrumentation for Magnetic Hyperthermia (MHT) research

  • nanoTherics


    Magnetic nanoparticles and instrumentation for magnetic fluid and nanoparticle hyperthermia testing, bioseparation, cell transfection, ...

Others (general purpose etc.)

  • AMT&C Group

    RU and UA based

    Permanent magnet systems, measuring scientific equipment, electromagnets.

  • Magnomatics

    UK-based company

    Proprietary magnetic gear technology (e.g., for electromobility)

  • Maxon motor

    Swiss-based company

    Supplier of high precision motors and drive systems. Permanent magnet DC motors as well as encoders, gears and electronics

  • Qfluidics

    Spin-off from University of Strasbourg/CNRS

    Using ferrofluids to perfectly handle fragile or complex liquids (so-called liquid tube).

  • Siemens

    German-based large-scale company

    Several branches related to magnetism: automation, energy, ICT (sensors), health