Here are provided links to societies and communities concerned with Magnetism.

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  • AIMagn

    The Italian Association of Magnetism

    Promotes the Italian research on magnetism, from fundamental aspects to perspective technologies such as magneto-electronics and biomedical applications. Promotes the training of new generations of researchers and aims at keeping privileged relationships with industries

  • APS / GMAG

    APS Group on Magnetism and its Applications

    Topical Group on Magnetism and its Applications in the American Physical Society


    Spain Magnetism Club

    Non-profit professional association promoting scientific and the applied use of magnetism, linking together academics and companies.

  • DMF

    Danish Association of Magnetism

    Dansk Magnetisk Forening (in Danish)

  • DPG

    Magnetism Section (German Physical Society)

    Founded 1956 to promote the fundamental and applied research and education in magnetism, magnetic materials, and magnetic devices in academics as well as in industry

  • EIMM

    European Institute of Molecular Magnetism

    A European center for research and training as well as a reference in the area of Molecular Magnetism

  • GRMN

    Greater Region Magnetism Network

    Based on the Universities of Lorraine (FR), Kaiserslautern (DE) and Saarbrück (DE)

  • ICS

    International Compumag Society

    Main objectives: advancement and dissemination of knowledge about the application of computer methods to field problems having significant electric, magnetic or electromagnetic components.

  • IEEE

    The IEEE Magnetics Society

    Supports conferences, schools, publications, delivers awards, Summer Schools, links to magnetism etc. LinkedIn

  • IUCr CMS

    International Union of Crystallography Commission on Magnetic Structures

    It’s primary purpose is to facilitate research on the discovery and communication of magnetic structures in magnetically ordered materials


    International Union of Pure and Applied Physics

    Supports ICM, has a commission on Magnetism

  • JEMS

    The Joint European Magnetic Symposia

    The largest broad-topic European conference on Magnetism.

  • KMS

    The Korean Magnetics Society

    Founded 1990. Devoted to "the improvement of scientific and engineering knowledge of fundamental and applied magnetism, and to making a contribution to the industry".

  • Magnetic Microsphere

    Magnetic Microsphere

    Scientific and clinical applications of magnetic carriers

  • Magnetic North

    Magnetic North

    Organization of Magnetism researchers in Canada and their international collaborators. Promoting exchanges, organizing workshops etc.

  • Magnetics magazine

    Magnetics business and technology

    News, links and conferences related to magnetism

  • MG

    Vienna Magnetics Group

    Aimed on the coordination of research, consulting, exploitation, development, dissemination, teaching, in different areas of applied magnetism.

  • MolMag

    Molecular Magnetism Web

    A gate to molecular magnetism.

  • MSI

    The Magnetics Society of India

    A technical society meant for professionals, academicians, researchers, manufacturers and users in the field of Magnetics.

  • MSJ

    The Magnetics Society of Japan

    This society is suitable for students and professionals who study the wide range of magnetic related fields

  • NPM

    Portuguese Magnetic Core (Núcleo Português de Magnetismo)

    Portuguese magnetism community initiative.

  • Petaspin

    Petaspin is an Italian association

    Missions are: (i) to support scientific research in many fields of engineering and applied physics, related to magnetism and spintronics, (ii) to support a Global Value Chain for the technological transfer of spintronic technology and (iii) to support the free dissemination of scientific results through conferences and meetings, also organized in collaboration with other institutions and associations.

  • REIA

    Rare Earth Industry Association

    Mission: Gather, Create and Share information in a referential physical center based in Europe for global REE related activities. Industry and research partners.

  • Russian Magnetism Society

    The Russian Magnetism Society

    (in russian). Supports formation and implementation of scientific and technical trends in the development of magnetism, its applications and related areas on the basis of fundamental and applied research and development.


    Singapore Spintronics Consortium

    The mission of the consortium is to develop synergies and foster collaborations among university and industrial R&D groups in broad areas of spintronics and magnetics.


    Slovak Magnetic Society

    Non-profit scientific and technical association that involves industrial and also academic interests in magnetism-related areas


    Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center

    Humbolt and Rhineland-Palatinate-supported center in Mainz (DE), fostering spin-related invitations and events.

  • STF


    European network founded in 2016, with mission to promote research and innovation in Europe based on spintronics.

  • UK Magnetics Society

    The UK Magnetics Society

    An organisation that represents both industrial and academic interests in all fields of magnetics