Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations

The Industrial Relations team at the European Magnetic Association (EMA) is committed to promoting strong collaborations between academia, society, and industry in the field of Magnetism. Our mission is to create opportunities that bring EMA’s activities and members closer to companies with shared interests in magnetic materials and devices.

Our commitment is in line with the EMA 2023 survey findings, which highlighted a shared aspiration within the magnetism community. To make this initiative as successful as possible, a collaborative approach is required, and we hope to involve all members and rely on shared goals and partnerships in both national and international magnetism organizations.

EMA’s platforms to engage with the community, such as JEMS, ESM, and EMA Plenary Lectures online, are the preferred venues to enable our actions:

  • Enhance the visibility of EMA within the industry and vice versa.
  • Foster connections between the European magnetism community and industrial sectors.
  • Bridge the gap between education and industry.


Diana Leitao,
Officer for Industrial relations
Eindhoven Technical University, The Netherlands

Ester M. Palmero
IMDEA Nanociencia, Spain

Graeme Finch
Electronic & Magnetic Materials, NPL, United Kingdom

Get involved

We welcome your proposals, suggestions, and comments. If you wish to actively participate in these actions, please contact us.