The lectures of all ESM schools since 2003 are ordered here in terms of topics. Those pertaining to several topics are listed several times. The topics are:

Magnetic field and moments

Exchange, magnetic ordering, magnetic anisotropy

Exchange and magnetic orders

Magnetic anisotropy

Low-dimensional and surface magnetism

Temperature effects, excitations, quantum tunneling

Magnetic ordering and phase transitions


Micromagnetic processes at finite temperature

Correlated systems


Magnetic semiconductors and oxides

General transport theory

Spin transport and magnetoresistance

Magnetization processes

Magnetization processes

Analysis of hysteresis loops, FORC etc.

Magnetization dynamics

Spin-polarized currents

Quantum tunneling

Methods for simulations and theory

Analytical techniques for condensed matter

Electronic structure

Monte Carlo


Mean field


Rare-earth - Transition metal compounds and magnets

Soft magnetic materials

Magnetostrictive materials

Magnetocaloric materials

Multiferroics; Magnetism and electric fields

Magnetic semiconductors and dilute oxides

Strongly correlated materials

Magnetic molecules

Magnetism and superconductivity

Spin glasses and frustration

Nanoparticles, microstructures etc

Microstructure and heterostructures


Nanomagnetism and spintronics

Surface and low-dimensional magnetism

Nano- and micromagnetism

Spintronics - Overviews, models and transport

Spin torque


Spintronics and materials

Experimental techniques


Magnetic microscopy


Optics and X-ray tools (structural and magnetic)


Precessional techniques

Electron spectroscopies

Applications and interdisciplinary magnetism

Storage and computing

Sensors, actuators and MEMS

Biology and medicine

Magnets, forces and motors

Soft magnetic materials


Open sessions