Recordings of the lectures of ESM 2023


Magnetism on the Single Atom

Surface, Molecular and Interfacial Magnetism

Magnetization Reversal Processes

Light Matter Interaction in Magnetism

Magnetic Interactions Magnetic ordering Part 1

Magnetic Interactions Magnetic Ordering Part 2

Magnetisation precession and spin waves

Magnetic Domains and Domain Walls

Magnetic Structures

Magnetic measurement instruments and techniques

Antiferromagnetism and Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

Photoemission and Resonant Scattering

Spin Transfer Torque

Spin Transport

Multifonctional (magnetic) nanostructures

Advanced fabrication

Magnetic Microscopy Part 1

Magnetic Microscopy Part 2

Nanomagnetism and Neurology

School overview

Industrial perspectives

Looking into the future

Nanomagnetism for ICT: From Spintronics to Neuromorphic

Oxitronics, VdW and beyond...

Nanomagnetism for Oncology

From Academia to Industry

Research careers From academia to industry

Career opportunity

Special session joint EMA Plenary Lecture

Permanent Magnets and Applications