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The European Magnetometry Network

Magnetometry, i.e. measurement of magnetic field, magnetic features of materials and any physical parameters under controlled magnetic field, is a powerful, versatile and non-destructive way to characterize a wide range of raw and functionalised materials, as well as processes.

The European Magnetometry Network aims at federating a community around magnetometry in Europe, with a series of practical objectivesto:

  • Intensify scientific and technical exchanges between magnetometry users

  • Maintain, improve and disseminate knowledge, know-how and good practices

  • Ensure a good technological watch and coordinate new technical developments

  • Favour the accessibility of magnetometry platforms to academic and R&D researcher

  • Teach and train young scientists and engineers in the field of magnetometry

  • Popularize magnetometry in the whole scientific community and the general public

  • Promote R&D collaborations with industrial partners

Discover our various activities, scientific and technical publications, training sessions, conferences, job offers, and R&D services. We also present the diverse magnetometry measurement techniques, as well as some usage examples. In addition, network members can access technical information shared by other members, and forums dedicated to the various aspects of magnetometry. Here, members share technical problems and questions, new discoveries, or good practices.

Currently, the European Magnetometry network gathers researchers, engineers and university staffs from about 40 academic and private institutions in 12 European countries, and covers a large spectrum of expertise including physics, chemistry, material sciences, geology, biology, nanotechnologies.

The R&D activities of the magnetometry netwoek had been initiated through the MagNet consortium funded by EIT KIC RawMaterials. Later on, the European Magnetsm Association and Magnetometry.eu decided to work cooperatively to strengthen their visibility and impact.

R&D services

We share world-class expertise and tools in magnetic measurement (magnetometry) to support R&D and innovation in Europe.

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Network membership


European Magnetomety Network membership is open to any worker (engineer, technician, researcher, student) using or exploiting magnetometers or magnetic fields, affiliated with a public research organization, a public institution or company, and who is willing to freely share experience, knowledge and kow-how with others, and who wants to improve his/her own magnetometry practice.

Members are granted access to the website technical database and to the web-forums dedicated to the specific aspects of magnetometry. They are welcome to propose and/or participate to all the Magnetometry.eu activities.

Contact us if you would like to join the network as a member.

Current members


ICMCB (Bordeaux)
UB (Bordeaux)
SPINTEC (Grenoble)
IN (Grenoble)
ILM (Lyon)
ArcelorMittal (Metz)
ICGM (Montpellier)
IJL (Nancy)
ICMMO (Orsay)
C2N (Saclay)
LPS (Orsay)
IPCM-INP (Paris)
LNO (Paris)
ICMPE (Paris-Est)
ISCR (Rennes)
GPM (Rouen)
IPCMS (Strasbourg)
LCC (Toulouse)
LNCMI (Toulouse)
GEMAC (Versailles)


EMFL (Nijmegen)


KU Leuven (Leuven)
CRM Group (Liège)
UL (Liège)


Uni. Lu (Luxembourg)


JSI (Ljubljana)


DEE (Agrinio)


TUDK (Copenhagen)


Frauhofer IST (Braunschweig)
Fraunhofer ISC (Hanau)
TUD (Darmstadt)
Lot Quantum Design (Darmstadt)
TU Kaiserslautern (Kaiserslautern)
Uni. Saarlandes (Saarbrucken)


ISTM-CNR (Milan)
IMEM-CNR (Parma)
ISM-CNR (Rome)


NICPB (Tallinn)


IMN (Gliwice)
IMBE (Warsaw)


ICMAB-CSIC (Barcelona)
UPVB (Bilbao)
Univ. Zaragoza (Zaragoza)

Czech Republic



INESC-MC (Lisboa)