ESM hosting sites 2021-2024

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Bids for hosting ESM beyond 2020 were examined in Uppsala during a meeting of the ESM steering committee, leading to a decision until 2024. Later, changes (in dates not hosting sites) were done following reschedule of events due to COVID-19.

[Update: 26 March 2020 following reschedule of events due to COVID-19]

The European School on Magnetism 2020 had already been scheduled to take place in Saarbrücken, with Chair Leon Abelmann, and its organization is well advanced already.

Initially no ESM was planned in 2021 as the School of the IEEE Magnetics Society would be hosted in Europe. However, this was changed due to rescheduling of events caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. 2020 IEEE School in Taiwan was cancelled and moved to 2021. To fill the gap, it was decided that ESM will be held in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) already in 2021, not 2022.

The frequency for ESM will remain annual, and the hosting sites from 2021 are the following. Note that local committees are indicative at this stage.

  • ESM2021 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 6-17 Sep. Chair: Daniel ANDREICA, University Babeș-Bolyai. Local committee: Daniel ANDREICA, Coriolan TIUSAN, Viorel POP, Ional CHICINAS.
  • No ESM in 2022 as the IEEE Magnetics Society School should be in Europe.
  • ESM2023 in Madrid, Spain. Chairs: Rodolfo MIRANDA, Julio CAMARERO. Local committee: Rodolfo MIRANDA, Julio CAMARERO, Alberto BOLLERO, Lucas PEREZ, Farkhad ALIEV, Oksana CHUBYKALO-FESENKO, Paolo PERNA, Juan DE LA FIGUERA.
  • ESM2024 in York, UK. Chairs: Sarah THOMSON, Atsufumi HIROHATA. Local committee: Sarah THOMSON, Atsufumi HIROHATA, Stuart CAVILL.

It is expected that there is no ESM in 2025 if the IEEE Magnetics Summer School is held in Europe.

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