Network of related organizations

The European Magnetism Association (EMA) maintains links with other organizations involved in Magnetism. These may give rise to a Memorandum of understanding, stating the sharing of common views and goals. Related organizations are invited as observer members at the meetings of the General Council.

The SpinTronicFactory (STF)

The SpinTronicFactory is a European network founded in 2016, with mission to promote research and innovation in Europe based on spintronics. It is based on a legal Memorandum of Understanding involving academic and industrial actors all across Europe.

The European Magnetometry Network

Magnetometry.eu is a federated community around magnetometry, which ambitions to help define, create and protect new jobs in universities, research institutions, SMEs and industries through instrumentation, novel science, innovating products and processes, as well as new industrially compatible characterization methods.

EMA and the European Physical Society

EMA and the Condensed Matter Division (CMD) of EPS unite forces as regards structuring and speaking for the European community of physical activities pertaining to magnetism.

Magnetics Societies

The European Magnetism Association is maintaining links with a number of large-scale organizations closely related to magnetism.