Pratical info

Pratical info

Practical information concerning Romania, Cluj-Napoca, venue etc. will be added regularly on this page.

About Romania

  • Visas. Details can be obtained from the Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs or a Romanian Embassy or Consulate, to check whether you need a visa. If you do so a personal invitation letter may be necessary (see annex documents right below), which you may obtain from the Organizing Committee. Conditions such as the remaining validity of your passeport may also apply. Below is a short list of cases to assist you. We leave it under your responsibility that you check that these conditions still hold at the time of your departure.
    • Visas are not required in the following cases:
      • Citizens of the European Community
      • Citizens with Schengen visas with two or multiple entries, or residence permits issued by Schengen Member States or by member a few other states of the European Union.
      • List of countries whose citizens do not require a visa.
    • Visas are required in all other cases.
  • Money in Romania
    • The currency in Romania is the New Lei (RON), equivalent to about 0.22€ (Click here or there for a currency converter).
    • Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks and in many exchange offices located in different places of the town. Many cash dispensers are found, accepting any type of international credit cards.
  • Maps
  • General information
  • Notice: when searching maps or travel information, notice that some web site require the Romanian spelling for Bucharest: Bucuresti

About Cluj-Napoca

Travel information

Directly to Cluj-Napoca

  • Cluj-Napoca International Airport offers connections with several major cities of Europe: Bucarest, Paris (Beauvais), Madrid, Munich, Bologna, Budapest, Dortmund, Milano (Bergame), Luton, Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, Vienna, Nurnberg, Zaragoza, Barcelona. Alternatively take an internal flight from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca. Some companies:
  • By bus from major cities in Europe: Eurolines | Atlassib (in Romanian)

Via Bucharest

Some links:

From Budapest

  • Budapest Airport
  • Transport by bus or train from Budapest to Cluj-Napoca
    • Train service
    • Calibra Travel Agency: Direct transfer from the airport to Cluj (no English available)
    • TravelWorld (bus)

Low-cost trips

  • Blue air - Europe - Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca
  • Sky europe - Europe - Bucharest (Budapest) - transfer with bus to Cluj-Napoca
  • Wizz Air - Europe - Budapest - Targu Mures - transfer with bus to Cluj-Napoca
  • Easy Jet - Europe - Budapest - transfer with bus to Cluj-Napoca

Some travel agencies

Local information

When in Cluj

Location and contact

  • The lectures, board and accommodation during ESM 2015 will be at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Babes-Bolyai University, Pandurilor Street, No.7, RO- 400174 Cluj-Napoca (see on-linae map, or static map highlighting all ESM places: accommodation, lectures etc.).
  • Welcoming and registration for participants will take place at Hotel UNIVERSITAS-Babes Bolyai University Hotel, Pandurilor Street, No.7 (entrance from Plopilor Street, near the tram station), Cluj-Napoca, Phone: +40 264 429 788.
  • Participants will be met at the airport. Transport to the school site will be proposed. In case of trouble, you may reach the local chair Viorel Pop: +40 746 201 051, Laurent Vila (+33 6 33 46 13 27) or Olivier Fruchart (+33 6 84 20 68 71).


  • Casual wear: one outing and one or more sport sessions have been scheduled. Please bring casual wear for such purpose. Temperature at the time of the school is around 25°C, however may go above and below, with possibilities of rain.
  • Swimming equipment. A swimming pool plus sauna is located closeby the conference center. If you wish to practice, bring your swimming suit, cap and goggles.
  • Many banks and currency exchange may be found in Cluj-Napoca, as well as cash dispensers accepting major credit cards.
  • Posters: we encourage participants to bring posters to present their work. Posters may be hanged throughout the entire school, to be visited mainly during coffee breaks. The size of the posters is maximum 84cm wide (portrait A0). Early in the time schedule oral sessions have been scheduled for quick presentations of the participants as an introduction to their poster (two slides max). Please have such slides prepared in an electronic PDF format!
  • Services at accommodaiton site: laundry, Wifi.