Here are provided links to companies related to Magnetism. This does not imply endorsement of the activity of the company by the European Magnetism Association.

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  • Bartington Instruments

    UK company

    High precision fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers, magnetic susceptibility instruments - design and manufacturing; data processing equipment

  • Camfridge

    UK company

    Production of magnetocaloric materials for cooling technologies


    French company

    Scientific instruments: dedicated electromagnets and UHV systems (MOKE air/UHV, XMCD UHV), high stability power supplies, NMR gaussmeters

  • CrivaSense Technologies

    French company

    New technologies in the field of magnetic sensors

  • CROCUS Technology

    French/US SME

    Developer of magnetically enhanced semiconductor technologies for mobile security, embedded microcontrollers, harsh environment electronics and magnetic sensors

  • Elliptika

    French spin-off

    RF and Microwave Design, Electromagnetic simulations

  • Goudsmit Magnetics Group

    NL based international company

    Manufacturer of magnets and industrial magnetic systems

  • Hprobe

    Spin-off of Spintec lab

    3D magnetic field Wafer-level Electrical Test Prober

  • IGS Research

    SME originating from the Czech Republic

    Solution-provider company based on magnetic sensors technology


    Innovation platform for magnetic microsystems

    (in German) A consortium of German SMEs addressing magnetic sensing


    US company

    Business and technical consultation services for the global magnetics industry

  • Lake Shore Cryotronics

    US company

    Supplier of precision magnetic field sensors, gaussmeters, fluxmeters, vibrating sample magnetometers (VSM); electromagnets and THz characterization systems

  • M-Pulse

    Germany based SME

    Provider of magnetic measurement and magnetizing equipment

  • Magnequench

    Magnetic powders manufacturer

    NdFeB powders for bonded neo magnet etc., subsidiary of Molycorp

  • Magnetfabrik Bonn

    Germany based midsize family-run company

    Manufacturer of (polymer-bonded) permanent magnets

  • Magnetics magazine

    A magazine on magnetics

    News, links and conferences related to magnetism

  • Magnetportal

    German e-shop

    German e-shop with magnets

  • Maxon motor

    Swiss-based company

    Supplier of high precision motors and drive systems. Permanent magnet DC motors as well as encoders, gears and electronics

  • Melexis

    European-based company

    Magnetic sensors for cars (rotational, linear and 3D displacement)

  • Metrolab Technology SA

    Swiss-based company

    Precision magnetometers for various applications (magnetic resonance imaging, metrology, research, ...)

  • NanOsc AB

    Swedish SME

    Spintronics and FMR technologies

  • nanoScale Biomagnetics

    Spain-based tech company

    Instrumentation for Magnetic Hyperthermia (MHT) research

  • nanoTherics


    Magnetic nanoparticles and instrumentation for magnetic fluid and nanoparticle hyperthermia testing, bioseparation, cell transfection, ...


    European-based company

    Bearings. Use of magnetism for encoders

  • REEtec

    Norway-based company

    High quality rare earth products from european resources manufactured by a more environment-friendly process.

  • Seagate

    US-based company

    Hard-disk drive (magnetic and SSD) manufacturer. Has a large research center and production site in Ireland



    Develops and manufactures advanced instruments for magnetic field and electric current measurement, as well as the corresponding engineering services

  • Sensitec

    German-based mid-scale company

    Magnetoresistive sensors

  • Siemens

    German-based large-scale company

    Several branches related to magnetism: automation, energy, ICT (sensors), health

  • Skipper NDT

    French company

    Contactless magnetic inspection (of pipelines), solutions for improving the integrity of unpiggable pipelines.

  • Spin Transfer Technologies

    New York University and Allied Minds company

    Orthogonal spin transfer magnetoresistive random access memory (OST-MRAM) - development and commercialization

  • Spontaneous Materials

    a US-based company

    Consultancy specializing in rare earth permanent magnets

  • Supermagnete

    German-based e-shop

    International e-shop with magnets

  • Vacuumschmelze

    German-based large-scale company

    Manufacturer of various magnetic materials and related products

  • Vega Technik


    Permanent magnets, magnetic lifters, equipment, assemblies & components