Softwares & Tools

Softwares and Tools

The following links are provided as a service collecting information related to magnetism. This does not imply endorsement of the content by the European Magnetism Association.

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  • FEMME: micromagnetic package, also used in industry for the design of magnetic nanostructures
  • Fidimag: finite difference atomistic and micromagnetic simulation package; see also software metapaper
  • FORC analysis (First Order Reversal Curves) based on Wavemetrics IGOR macros
  • juDFT: collection of DFT codes with juSpinX (atomistic classical spin dynamics at finite temperature + Monte Carlo)
  • LLG Micromagnetics Simulator: A 3-dimensional simulation tool with LLG equations (with spin-torques)
  • Magnetism@home: a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to perform micromagnetic simulations
  • GPMagnet: based on finite differences and using GPUs
  • MagOasis: micromagnetic design software for information-storage, microelectronic and MEMs
  • magpar: a finite element micromagnetics package
  • (Micro)Magnum: Now forked - Magnum.fe (finite elements) and Magnum.fd (based on finite differences, works on CPU and GPU)
  • MicroMagus: quasistatic and dynamic micromagnetic simulations on magnetic thin films and multilayer elements
  • mumax: open source GPU-accelerated micromagnetic simulation program
  • Nmag: a finite element micromagnetic software including spin transfer torque
  • OOMMF: The finite differences Object Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework from NIST
  • JOOMMF: Interactive Micromagnetic simulation in Jupyter (OOMMF with Python and Jupyter Notebook)
  • Opera simulation software: FEM multiphysics: static and HF electromagnetics, magnets, hysteresis, (de)magnetization, ...
  • PHI: Calculation of the magnetic properties of paramagnetic coordination complexes
  • SpinW: Matlab library for simulations of magnetic structures and spin wave dispersion in complex magnetic systems
  • Synopsys QuantumATK: ab initio atomic-scale simulation package for materials and heterostructures, including magnetic properties
  • Vampire: open source package for atomistic simulations of magnetic materials


  • AflowLib: a distributed materials genome properties repository from high-throughput ab-initio calculation, including magnetic moment.
  • ME/Quadrant Magnetics Calculator: magnetic force F, permeance coefficient Pc, and the demagnetizing factor N for blocks, rings, cyllinders; available also as Android App
  • Units conversion from magpar
  • An EMA pledge for a rationalized use of SI units (2016-12).