EMA Editorial for April 2022

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In this Editorial we would like to draw your attention to some important upcoming dates concerning the annual elections of the General Council members, and the upcoming European School of Magnetism 2022.

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to some important upcoming dates concerning the annual elections of the General Council members and the upcoming European School on Magnetism 2022.

1. General Council

The General Council of the EMA is the decision-making body of the European Magnetism Association. It sets the general policy of the EMA and oversees its various actions, such as the European School of Magnetism (ESM) and the Joint European Magnetism Symposia (JEMS). The General Council (GC) consists of one elected representative per European country involved in magnetism research, as well as the EMA Presidents and Officers if they are not already national representatives. Members of the GC are elected for three years at a time and an elected person may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Currently, the representatives of Russia and Belarus are suspended due to the war in Ukraine, so no action is required for these two countries.

This year, the terms of ten elected members of the GC expire. These are the representatives of Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, the Republic of Moldova, Norway, Serbia and Ukraine. Therefore, the General Council must elect new representatives for these countries. The current representatives are all in their first term of office and are therefore eligible for re-election. There are also some countries that are still not represented in the General Council: Albania, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. (The EMA follows the EPS guidelines to define a European country.) Nominations of candidates from these countries are also welcome. If you live in one of these countries and if you are active in magnetism, please consider nominating a candidate. Nominations can be made by magnetism organisations in the respective countries or by individuals, particularly if there is no representative magnetism organisation. All active members of the General Council will be eligible to vote on the nominated representatives. The deadline for nominations is 30 April 2022.

The elections will take place in May-June and the new term will start with the next General Council meeting in July 2022.

2. ESM 2022

The call for participation in the European School of Magnetism 2022 is open until 15 April (end of day in your time zone). The School 2022 is chaired by Leon Abelmann and will take place from 11 to 23 September 2022 in Saarbrücken/Germany. The topic is Basic Magnetism for Sustainable Development. The detailed programme can be found on ESM 2022 program page. Applications will be considered jointly by the ESM Steering Committee and the 2022 Organising Committee, and the decision on acceptance will be announced on 15 May.

The 2022 ESM is offered in a mixed online and on-site format. Applicants may opt for either on-site or online participation. Applicants who request on-site participation but cannot attend will be offered online participation. Applicants who are not selected for on-site participation may be offered online participation. We intend to set up local hubs in Europe, in which online participants may gather in-person to attend the school. This aims to enhance their online experience through collaborative work and via the mentoring of local experts in the field of magnetism. In the unfortunate event that we are unable to run ESM 2022 on-site, we are confident that we will be able to run the event entirely online, based on our experience for 2020 and 2021, maintaining the original programme and the duration of two weeks.

With our best regards,
Burkard HILLEBRANDS, President
Olivier FRUCHART, Vice-President

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