Nominations for elections at the General Council of EMA

Every year, the term of some elected members of the General Council (GC) expires. Here are the rules and guidelines to nominate candidates to be elected for the next round of GC members.

The General Council (GC) consists of representatives of the European countries active in magnetism research, typically one representative per country. Members are renewed on a three-year basis, as elected by the previous GC. The GC defines the general policy developed by the EMA. It oversees that the actions developed by the EMA, as well as those developed by associated bodies (ESM, JEMS, etc..), respect the Statute of the association.

The General Council is described in the statutes of the EMA.


  • Any given country, for which a candidate may be elected or re-elected, may make up to three nominations
  1. In countries, where a national magnetism society or association exists, these are expected to offer nominations. Alternatively, nominations may be made by the magnetism section of the National Physical Society or by another type of an existing official organisation or structure on magnetism.
  2. In other countries, where such an organisational structure does not exist, its magnetism community may submit nominations directly.
  • A national representative at the General Council may stay for a maximum of two consecutive 3-year periods. Those members, whose first term is now expiring, can run, in principle, for a second term.

The General Council, represented by its president, will then formally make the nomination based on the proposals.

Procedure for nomination

If applicable, please contribute to the nomination process in your country. The nominations are accepted usually from 1st April until 30th April. In case you would like to make a new nomination, please send your nomination via email to our Vice President, Dennis Meier, and CC to our President Olivier Fruchart. Please note, that self-nominations are not accepted. Please use the template below for nominations, since it also indicates the list of countries concerned by the ongoing election and their current representatives.