EMA Editorial for April 2024

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In this Editorial, Olivier FRUCHART and Dennis MEIER, President and Vice-President, draw our attention to the annual elections of the General Council members of the European Magnetism Association (EMA).

Dear colleagues,

The General Council (GC) is the decision-making body of EMA. It sets the general policy and oversees its various actions, such as the European School of Magnetism (ESM) and the Joint European Magnetism Symposia (JEMS). The GC consists of one elected representative per European country involved in magnetism research, as well as the EMA Presidents and Officers. Members of the GC are elected for three years at a time and an elected person may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

This year, new representatives are to be elected for the following countries:

- Germany
- Switzerland
- Albania*

- Lichtenstein*
- Montenegro*
- North Macedonia*

(*These countries are currently not represented in the GC. Nominations of possible candidates are very welcome; if you live in one of these countries and if you are active in magnetism, please consider nominating a candidate.)

Furthermore, the terms of the representatives of the countries listed below have also expired. For these countries, however, the current representatives are in their first term of office, and they are therefore eligible for re-election. The respective countries are:

- Armenia
- Cyprus
- Georgia
- Iceland

- Israel
- Luxembourg
- The Netherlands

(Currently, representations of Russia and Belarus are suspended due to the war in Ukraine, so no action is required for these two countries.)

As EMA represents a diverse community, nominations of women and other historically underrepresented groups are particularly welcome.

Nominations can be made by magnetism organisations of the different countries or by individuals, especially if there is no representative magnetism organisation. Both types of nominations are equally welcome. The election will be conducted by all active members of the GC. The deadline for nominations is 30 April 2024.

The elections will take place in May 2024. The new term will start with the next General Council meeting, which will take place at the International Conference on Magnetism (ICM), in Bologna, June 30 - July 5, 2024.

Best regards,
Olivier FRUCHART, President
Dennis MEIER, Vice-President

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