EMA Editorial for October 2023

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In this October 2023 editorial, Bertrand DUPE, new General Chair of the European School on Magnetism (ESM), Olivier FRUCHART, past General Chair, and Lucas Perez, Chair for ESM2023, look back at ESM2023 held last month in Madrid, and mention the steps ahead for the school.

The European School on Magnetism was held this year from the 3rd to the 15th September in Madrid, Spain. As usual, the aim of the school was to invest in the training of a new generation of research scientists and engineers, mostly at the stage of PhD candidates. The school was held in hybrid format, with 89 participants attending on site, and circa 50 attending online. This hybrid format was very successful, thanks to our experience of online formats cumulated since 2020.

As in previous years, ESM offered a first week of lectures on a broad range of fundamental topics in Magnetism, followed in the second week by lectures on a specific theme. The theme this year was “Nanomagnetism for emerging technologies”. Onsite and online attendees had shared lectures and round table discussions, and were both offered dedicated small-group practical and tutorial sessions. There was a rich diversity of tutorial sessions on offer this year across 11 different topics. Every attendee had the opportunity to take part in 3 or 4 tutorials. A strong focus was put on career development this year, with talks from two industrial colleagues from ABB and Crocus Technology, a presentation on the advantage of a PhD from a career perspective, and small-group round tables and open discussion. In addition, the participants were offered six hours of question & answer sessions, poster teasers and presentations sessions, as well as a round table discussion on Women and Diversity led by Claire Donnelly and Sandra Ruiz-Gomez. Finally, the lecture given by Alberto Bollero on permanent magnets and applications was simultaneous streamed as an EMA plenary lecture, gathering in total 300 participants. All ESM2023 lectures, including this one, were recorded and are already available to view on the ESM web pages, along with the supporting slides. We encourage you to share them with interested students and colleagues.

On 15th Sep, the final day of ESM2023, Bertrand Dupé officially began his duty as the new Officer for Higher Education. He will lead and develop ESM in the years to come, and is already working on the 2024 and 2025 sessions. ESM2024 will be held in York, UK. Chaired by Stuart Cavill, it will aim to shed new light on the role of magnetism in energy efficient devices. ESM2024 will implement novel teachings strategies based on the experience gained during previous hybrid ESM events combined with the increased familiarity using the online social platform Discord. As a result, we propose that lectures are shorter, allowing more time for in-depth tutorials both on-site and online. We hope that this will facilitate a personalised experience for each participant with increased interactions between participants and lecturers.

All young research scientists: stay tuned until the next call for participation on 1st March 2024!

Bertrand DUPE, Officer for Higher Education, along with:
Lucas PEREZ, Chair of ESM2023
Olivier FRUCHART, Past Officer for Higher Education

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