EMA Editorial for November 2022

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In this Editorial, Christian BACK, Officer for Honors and Awards, opens to application the EMA Young Scientist Award and the EMA Dominique Givord Award.

Dear Colleagues

In 2019, the European Magnetism Association (EMA) established two awards. The Young Scientist Award is awarded every year to a young scientist, for theoretical or experimental work performed mostly in Europe, in fields of fundamental or applied magnetism. The Dominique Givord Award for Advancing Magnetism in Europe is awarded every three years to an excellent Scientist (or a group of a maximum of three scientists), who has significantly helped to push forward magnetism research and the magnetism community in Europe. The list of nominees for previous EMA awards can be found here.

In 2023 both prizes will be awarded and we would like to kindly ask for your participation. Both calls are now open and we encourage you to send applications by January 31st, 2023 to the officer for Honors and Awards. Details and documents for preparing nominations can be found here.

Candidates at a previous call can be nominated again, if not previously awarded. In the case of the Young Scientist Award, the time is that the nominated candidate must have defended the doctorate no more than five years before the nomination deadline, with allowances for military service and parental leave.

We are looking forward to your nominations!
Christian BACK, Officer for Honors and Awards

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