Request for participation (registration) is expected to open during February 2024.

The number of attendees will be limited to 100 onsite and about 100 online, for practical purposes and also with a view to promote a good interaction with the lecturers. Due to the total number of requests for participation usually exceeding these numbers, registration proceeds in two stages. First a call for requests for participation is launched, expressing wishes for either onsite or remote participation. Requests need to be supported by a motivation letter and a letter from an advisor or recommending person. Potential participants are then selected among the requests, also proposing online participation for some of those requesting onsite participation. In a second stage only those applicants selected are invited to register.

Our goal is to keep the registration fees to a moderate level based on efforts to keep costs low, and thanks to supporting institutions. It should be around 800€ all inclusive (educational, accommodation, catering for breakfast and lunch, social activities), the exact amount to be mentioned at the time of registration for those invited to participate (TBA). In very rare and well motivated cases scholarships may be granted to partly or fully waive these fees, when cost of registration would clearly prevent attendance. In all cases the attendees must cover the cost for their travel to the school site.

Important dates

Date Event
February 2024 Request for participation opens.
March 29th 11th of April Deadline for application to attend.
May 6th Notification of acceptance or placement on waiting list.
July 1st Deadline for payment of fees, otherwise the invitation to participate will be rescinded to those on the waiting list.


The request for participation required three steps:

  1. Prepare a short motivation Letter (typically 1/2 to 1 page). The Letter should cover your academic and research profile, your views about your future career, and why participation to ESM2024 is of interest for you, how it will be beneficial for your career.
  2. If you are an undergraduate student, a PhD student or a post-doc, ask your adviser to prepare a recommendation Letter.
  3. Fill-in the web form to reques participation. You are requested to upload your motivation Letter, and possibly a recommendation Letter. The latter may also be sent directly by the adviser to the School office.

When this is done, you should not proceed to payment of the fees, but instead, wait for the selection process to take place and be informed of the outcome.

ESM2024 - Request for participation

Personal details

In the field below, please mention your full postal address, including again town and country. This address will be used for invoicing. You make ask your administration whether specific statements are required here.


In the motivation letter you may discuss you profile, experience in Magnetism, why you believe that attending the school is beneficial for you.

In case you are a student, PhD or post-doc, a recommandation letter is required

Links with other schools and conferences

Poster contribution

Besides the schedule of lectures and tutorials, poster sessions will be organized to allow the attendees to present their research work.

Local information

You will be provided with a bus ticket for the duration of your stay in York. Its price depends on your studentship

Local hubs in Europe

We wish to set up local hubs in Europe, in which online participants may gather to attend the school. This intends to enhance their online experience through collaborative work and emulation, and allow benefiting from the mentoring of local experts in the field of magnetism. Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel unsure about the concept.


If you are not yet member of a learned society you will be automatically affiliated to the European Physical Society upon attending ESM, unless you check the following option

Please mention below the VAT number of the institutional that would pay for your fees. While this is not compulsory at this stage, knowing it in advance would ease and speed-up the invoicing process. You make ask your administration, in case of doubt

Code of conduct

If I am selected for participation, either onsite or online, I agree to follow the guide of conduct of ESM (https://magnetism.eu/cms_viewFile.php?idtf=2584&path=cb%2F2584_233_ESM-code-of-conduct-2023.pdf)

Data protection (GDPR) and EMA mailing list

Your data will be used only for the purpose of the organization of the European School on Magnetism - selection procedure, organization, local arrangements during the school (e.g. dietary - special food requirements).

In case you opted for a membership of the European Physical Society (EPS), your name, email, affiliation, and address will be communicated to this learned society.

The mailing list is used for dispatching a monthly newsletter of the European Magnetism Association (EMA) and info on its core events - Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS) and the European School on Magnetism (ESM). The newsletter gathers magnetism-related news, recently-added job offers, magnetism-related events and links etc. You can unsubscribe at anytime using a link at the bottom of every email (newsletter) or by contacting the EMA (contact@magnetism.eu).

knowledge of EMA

This year, you will be required to use some online material. We would like to know if you have been following our online seminars and lectures.

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