Practical information

Practical information

On this page you find information about Cluj-Napoca and Romania, your venue to the School center, practical information for the school duration.

Practical information concerning Romania, Cluj-Napoca, venue etc. will be added regularly on this page.

COVID information

Crossing borders

Europe has established a so-called COVID Digital Certificate, also called Green Digital Certificate, to ease the crossing of borders within Europe avoiding onsite tests and quarantines. The certificate is a digital proof that you fall under one of these three cases:

  • You have been vaccinated against COVID. The vaccine should be one approved by the entire EU, with the number of doses required (one ot two depending on the vaccine), the last one dating back to at least 14 days. In the case you have previously recovered from a COVID infection, a first dose + 14 days delay is sufficient.
  • You have received a negative test result dating back to less than 72 hours in the PCR case, or less than 48 jours in the antigenic case.
  • You have recovered from COVID, with less than 180 days passed since your first positive test result.

Digital means it is based on a QR code, however it may be handled on your side either through a phone or in a printed form. The certificate is free of charge. Further information may be found on EU web sites:

Accessing Romania and ESM premises

  • COVID-19 page on the Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
  • The Universities hosting the school requires a COVID Digital Certificate to access their premises. As of now, in case you fall under the case of a certificate based on a test, it is required that a test is performed again onsite everyother three days. The cost of a test is around 30€. We will update this information if conditions change in time.
  • Attendees should provide their own masks to access the school premises

About Romania

  • Visas. Details can be obtained from the Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs or a Romanian Embassy or Consulate to check whether you need a visa. If you do so, a personal invitation letter may be necessary (see annex documents right below), which you may obtain from the Organizing Committee. Conditions such as the remaining validity of your passport may also apply. Below is a short list of cases to assist you. We leave it under your responsibility that you check that these conditions still hold at the time of your departure.
    • Visas are not required in the following cases:
      • Citizens of the European Community
      • Citizens with Schengen visas with two or multiple entries, or residence permits issued by the Schengen Member States or by a member of a few other states of the European Union.
      • List of countries whose citizens do not require a visa.
    • Visas are required in all other cases.
  • Money in Romania
    • The currency in Romania is the New Lei (RON), equivalent to about 0.22€ (Click here or there for a currency converter).
    • Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks and in many exchange offices located in different places of the town. Many cash dispensers are found, accepting any type of international credit cards.
  • Maps
  • General information
  • Notice: when searching maps or travel information, notice that some web site require the Romanian spelling for Bucharest: Bucuresti

Travel information


  • Cluj-Napoca International Airport offers connections with several major cities of Europe: RO: Bucarest; HU: Budapest; FR: Paris (Beauvais), Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg; SP: Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona; DE: Dortmund, Frankfurt, Munich, Nurnberg; IT: Roma, Bologna, Milano (Bergame), UK: London, Luton; Luton, UA: Vienna. Alternatively, take an internal flight from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca. Some companies: Low cost: Flight aggregators:



  • You can plan and book international trips from the Romanian rail company CFR Calatori, or your preferred rail service.

Some travel agencies

Local information

When in Cluj

  • Map from Google Maps.
  • CTP Cluj-Napoca: Local transport network in Cluj
  • The price of public transport is approximately 0.5 euro per 45 min on a single line (i.e. if you need to change the bus, you must buy a new ticket); tickets can be bought from the station or inside the vehicle via credit card. There is also a mobile application, "Bus Cluj-Napoca", with a live feed of the buses, routes and ticket purchase.

Location and contact

  • The lectures, board and accommodation during ESM 2021 will be at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Babes-Bolyai University, Plopilor Street (Strada Plopilor) Nb. 54 , Cluj-Napoca 400379 (see on-line map).
  • Welcoming and registration for participants will take place at Hotel UNIVERSITAS-Babes Bolyai University Hotel, Plopilor Street Nb. 54 (entrance from Plopilor Street, near the tram station), Cluj-Napoca, Phone: +40 264 429 788.
  • Town center and School Site can be easily reached from the airport, using local transport: bus or taxi (more information will be available end of August).


Taxi/Ride - Taxi and ride service is widely available at a rate of approximately 0.5 euro/km. While some taxis have the option to pay by card, most do not. However, you can order a taxi or ride through one of the popular apps (and pay via the application). Entering "Hotel Universitas" as the destination should be sufficient. A ride from the airport should cost about 10 euros (50 RON).

Public Transport:

The price of public transport is approximately 0.5 euro per 45 min on a single line (i.e. if you need to change the bus, you must buy a new ticket); tickets can be bought from the station or inside the vehicle via credit card. There is also a mobile application, "Bus Cluj-Napoca", with a live feed of the buses, routes and ticket purchase.

Upon request, participants can be met on arrival.


  • Registration fees cover: accommodation from 6th evening to 17th morning, full catering (breakfast, lunches and diner), participation to all learning and social activities.
  • Casual wear: one outing and one or more sports sessions have been scheduled. Please bring casual wear for such a purpose. The temperature at the time of the school is around 25°C; however, it may go above and below, with the possibilities of rain.
  • Swimming equipment. A swimming pool plus sauna is located close to the conference center. If you wish to practice, bring your swimming suit, cap and goggles.
  • Many banks and currency exchange may be found in Cluj-Napoca, as well as cash dispensers accepting major credit cards.
  • Posters: we encourage participants to bring posters to present their work. Posters may be hanged throughout the entire school, to be visited mainly during coffee breaks. The size of the posters is maximum 84cm wide (portrait A0). Early in the time schedule, oral sessions have been scheduled for quick presentations of the participants as an introduction to their poster (two slides max). Please have such slides prepared in an electronic PDF format!
  • Services at the accommodation site: laundry, Wifi.