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  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Demonstration of neuromorphic computing using spintronic devices

    Grenoble, France

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :A one year post-doctoral position extendable to a second year is open at SPINTEC on neuromorphic computing using spintronic synapses. The fellow will first develop a compact model of these spintronics pseudo-memristors to be used in electrical simulations, based on device characterization realized at Spintec. The model will enable the design of a neural network for neuromorphic applications and enable the evaluation of the benefits of the technology via simulation. The fellow will also design a smaller neural [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Soft X-ray Ptychography for studying nanomagnetic materials

    Gif sur Yvette, France

    Yearly income : 32500 euros

    Description of the offer :HERMES beamline (Synchrotron SOLEIL) is developing a new soft X-ray microscopy approach (Ptychography) that enables to reach ultimate spatial resolution well bellow 10nm. The resolution in standard X-ray microscopes is limited by the focusing element, Fresnel Zone Plates, and stays in the range of 20 nm for highly efficient zone plates. Diffraction imaging techniques with the use of coherent X-ray radiation potentially can achieve wavelength-limited resolution solving so-called “phase problem”. The main purpose of [...]
  • PhD


    PhD: Topological Spin Dynamics

    Mainz, Germany

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :A Ph.D. position is available in the field of spintronics studying high spatial resolution magnetic imaging of magnetic spin structures and their nanosecond dynamics, in selected systems. High resolution magnetic imaging provides a direct window to the physics of a system as well as important practical considerations, such as switching pathways. In particular, recently discovered effects arising from the spin-orbit interaction have been observed to lead to a number of exciting and very timely new phenomena such as [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Magneto-transport behavior of magnetic solitons, skyrmions and domain [...]

    Lemont, (Chicago), United States

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :A postdoctoral position is available in the Functional Nanoscale Heterostructures group of the Materials Science Division (MSD), which aims to understand the novel and emergent behavior in nanoscale ferromagnetic and resistive switching structures. In particular, we seek to understand the transport of magnetic domain walls, magnetic solitons, and skyrmions as a function of applied stimuli (current, magnetic field, temperature). The focus will be on geometrically patterned/confined heterostructures such as [...]
  • Term contract


    Research engineer in instrumentation and magnetism

    Caen, France

    Yearly income : Net salary: 1950-2100 euros/month, experience dependent

    Description of the offer :The CNRS-GREYC lab, located in Caen (France), is actively seeking a research engineer in instrumentation and magnetism. He/she will contribute to further optimization of the sensitive magnetic sensors developed for biomedical applications within an ongoing European project (ByAxon). A magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) microscope has already been developed and is used in the lab. Apart from it, magnetoresistance (MR) and low frequency noise are measured in a separate four-probe set-up with a variable temperature [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

    Orlando, Florida, United States

    Yearly income : $50k with benefits

    Description of the offer :The group of Nanomagnetism and Spintronics of the Physics Department at the University of Central Florida (UCF) offers a postdoctoral position in High Frequency Antiferromagnetic Spintronics. The position is funded for one year and renewable yearly after (subject to performance evaluation). The postdoctoral scholar will collaborate within a multi-investigator and multi-institutional 5-year MURI project funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). This project aims at studying the fundamental [...]
  • Post-doc


    Post-doc in organic spintronics

    Nancy, France

    Yearly income : 24000 euros

    Description of the offer :This Post-doc candidate will study the properties of hybrid ferromagnetic metal/organic interface, as known as “spinterface”, by magneto-transport measurement. The “spinterface” can exhibit highly efficient spin-filtering properties and presents a promising class of materials for future spintronic devices. Our recent achievement demonstrates that the spin-polarization at poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/Co spinterface can be actively modulated (even change the sign) by switching the ferroelectric (FE) polarization [...]
  • Indefinite contract


    Senior research scientist in spintronic devices

    Grenoble, France

    Yearly income : Depending on experience

    Description of the offer :Positioned at the crossroad of science and technology, SPINTEC is one of the leading spintronics public research laboratories worldwide. Ideally located on the MINATEC campus in Grenoble, SPINTEC was created in 2002 and rapidly expanded to currently reach ~100 persons of which 42 permanent staff from CEA, CNRS and Grenoble-Alpes University. In view of the forthcoming opening of a CEA researcher position at SPINTEC to reinforce the spintronic devices group (memories, sensors, spintronic IC design), we are seeking a [...]
  • PhD


    Defect structures and spin correlations in disorder-induced quantum spin liquids

    Grenoble, France

    Yearly income : 29000€

    Description of the offer :Entanglement defines the essential non-classical features of quantum mechanics, and long-range entanglement engenders exotic phenomena such as fractional quantum numbers and emergent topological excitations. Theoretically, the exemplars of such massive long-range entanglement are quantum spin liquids (QSLs), states of quantum magnets in which electronic spins reside in macroscopic superpositions of infinitely many microstates. QSLs have been elusive experimentally, in part because disorder induces competing local [...]
  • PhD


    PhD: Image the twist [NV microscopy of magnetic spirals]

    Villigen, Switzerland

    Yearly income : Standard Swiss PhD salary

    Description of the offer :The Laboratory for Mesocopic Systems (http://www.psi.ch/lmn/mesoscopic-systems) based at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is a joint laboratory between the ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute, which is the largest research centre for the natural and engineering sciences in Switzerland. Our group is interested in the physics of metal-insulator transitions, frustrated magnetism, multiferroics, magnetic spin transport and magnetization dynamics. Specifically, in this project we are looking for a PhD student [...]
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