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  • PhD


    PhD: Metal-insulator transitions and Dirac insulators in strong spin-orbit [...]

    Parma, Italy

    Yearly income : 15343 Euro

    Description of the offer :The successful candidate will design and perform NMR and MuSR experiments, to elucidate the nature of the magnetic phase transitions in 5d metal oxides, in close collaboration with the Bologna-Wien group of Franchini, Sanna. Depending on the candidate preference the project will develop also either experimental bulk magnetic characterization and/or advanced data analysis techniques including ab-initio methods aimed at identification of magnetic states and microscopic interpretation of spectroscopic results. Please [...]
  • PhD


    PhD: Towards Ab Initio Micromagnetism

    Vienna, Austria

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :University of Vienna is offering a PhD position in the framework of a collaborative research between the groups of Prof. Cesare Franchini (ab initio magnetism) and Prof. Dieter Süss (Micromagntism) at the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics at the University of Vienna. Focus of PhD research is ab initio micromagnetism. Magnetism is an intrinsically quantum phenomena arising from the spin properties of the electrons but its effects persist at macroscopic level and can be exploited for practical fictionalization, the [...]
  • PhD


    PhD: Machine learning for inverse design of materials for skyrmionics

    Southampton, United Kingdom

    Yearly income : £15,285 tax-free per annum for up to 3.5 years

    Description of the offer :Skyrmionics offers the potential for developing novel low-cost, energy-efficient information storage and processing technologies, or magneto-electronic sensors and devices. Fundamentally, skyrmions are excitations of matter, whose occurrence and collective properties remain only partially understood. This complicates the discovery of new materials capable of sustaining skyrmion phases that could be suitable for room-temperature device applications. The traditional “direct materials design” approach based on [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc/engineer: Magnetometry - magnetic characterization

    Nancy, France

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :One year post-doc/enginner position starting in autumn 2020 (contract can be extended after one year) at Institut Jean Lamour (IJL), France. There are two main objectives for the post-doc/engineer work. The first task is internal to IJL plateform. The post-doc/engineer must optimize the magnetometry tools, train new regular users, perform measurement service for non-regular academic and private users, and participate to on-going scientific projects. The post-doc/engineer will also participate to R&D projects [...]
  • Term contract


    Assistant Prof. in Ultrafast Phenomena in Condensed Matter and / or Nonlinear [...]

    Nijmegen, Netherlands

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :As an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) you will further strengthen the research in experimental nonlinear photonics, ultrafast and/or nonlinear optical phenomena in condensed matter. We are looking for a colleague who's research focus is complementary to the current activities in the group of Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Correlated Materials (USCM) at Radboud University. For instance, it could be focused on magneto-plasmonics, ultrafast spintronics, THz magnonics, far- and mid-infrared (THz) spectroscopy. The [...]
  • PhD


    PhD: Spin transport and thermoelectric effects in 2D van der Waals [...]

    Bellaterra, Spain

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :Driven by recent technical advances in the field of 2DMs, heterostructures based on graphene and other layered materials are leading to new paradigms for data storage and computing. Because 2DMs consist of atomically thin planes, their electrical, optical and spin properties can be enriched and tailored by proximity effects. Furthermore, thermoelectric generation within the same circuitry is envisioned to play a key role in future electronics. The focus of the project is on engineering the spin and thermoelectric [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Magnetic Nanoparticles

    Santander, Spain

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :The Group of Magnetic Materials at Universidad de Cantabria seeks a qualified EU-­‐candidate for a postdoctoral position. The main focus of the research project is to characterise magnetic nanoparticles of intermetallic rare earths and Fe-­‐oxides. The post-­‐doctoral fellowship will be running for 3 months (and a possible 3 month extension). Gross salary: around 2389 euros/month. It will be located at the Dept. CITIMAC (Universidad Cantabria). The recruitment process will be finished as soon as possible. The [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc and Scientific Coordinator [spintronics, unconventional computing and [...]

    Mainz, Germany

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :Immediate opening of a position within the framework of the Emergent AI Center in the TWIST group of Dr. Karin Everschor-Sitte at the Institute of Physics at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. The interdisciplinary research center, funded by the Carl-Zeiss foundation, investigates the topic of Algorithmic Intelligence as an Emergent Phenomenon. The selected applicant will conduct frontier reseach at the interface of spintronics, unconventional computing and artificial intelligence.
  • Indefinite contract


    Engineer (2x): Application of Ion Beams for Engineering Spintronic Materials

    Palaiseau, France

    Yearly income : 30-40 k€ gross salary depending on experience

    Description of the offer :SPIN-ION technologies (www.spin-ion.com), a spin-off company from the University of Paris-Saclay/CNRS, provides a full suite of ion beam processes and equipment to tailor the structural and magnetic properties of thin magnetic films at the atomic level and improve their performance for applications such as Magnetic Random Access Memories (MRAM). In order to sustain its R&D roadmap development toward the commercialization of its solutions on the MRAM market, Spin-Ion Technologies offers 2 permanent engineer [...]
  • PhD


    PhD Scholarship in Magnetic and Electronic Properties of 2D and 3D Magnetic [...]

    Melbourne, Australia

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :opological materials, such as topological insulators and topological Dirac semimetals, are a new class of matter that possess new and exciting electronic properties. Allowing a wide range of new physics to be explored and have the potential to create revolutionary new electronic devices that have the potential to transport charge through one-dimensional edge modes without dissipation. Our group has made a number of breakthrough discoveries in this area, including the first experimental observation of an [...]
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