The Joint European Magnetic Symposia are the most important and comprehensive conference on magnetism in Europe. JEMS focuses on a broad range of topics embracing applicative and fundamental aspects of magnetism, as well as novel magnetic materials. Presentations consist of plenary, semi-plenary, and contributed talks, complemented by poster sessions. A number of invited speakers give lectures on important recent advances in the field. The attendance of young students is welcome.

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Previous JEMS conferences (List of all editions) took place in Grenoble (2001), Dresden (2004), San Sebastian (2006), Dublin (2008), Krakow (2010), Parma (2012), Rhodes (2013), Glasgow (2016), Mainz (2018), Uppsala (2019). Starting 2012 JEMS is being held every year, except those when Intermag or ICM take place in Europe (e.g. Intermag2014, ICM2015, Intermag2017, Intermag2021).

JEMS2020 will be held in Lisbon 7-11 December 2020 (note new dates).
Website. Early Bird Registration till 2 Oct 2020. Mixed format: face-to-face + virtual.

The latest conference


Was held in Uppsala, Sweden, 26-30 August 2019. Website, Flyer. Program, Booklet (no abstracts). Abstract book.

Forthcoming conferences


To be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 7-11 December 2020 (note new dates). Website, Flyer (old dates); Mixed format: face-to-face + virtual.

There will be no JEMS in 2021. Instead you can visit Intermag 2021 in Lyon (France); 26-30 Apr 2021.