EPS and EMA join forces

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The Condensed Matter Division of EPS and EMA will work cooperatively for structuring and speaking for the European community of physical activities pertaining to magnetism.

EMA and the Condensed Matter Division (CMD) of the European Physical Society (EPS) have decided to unite forces as regards structuring and speaking out for the European community of physics activities pertaining to magnetism. While remaining legally separate one from another, it has been agreed that EMA will fulfill the duties of a Magnetism section of CMD:

  • EMA delegates a member of its General Council to the board of the Condensed Matter Division
  • EMA contributes to providing relevant input to the CMD, e.g. for organising the biennial EPS-CMD conference, for prizes or lobbying actions

Conversely, the CMD board will be informed of the meetings of the general council of EMA, and be invited to send a delegate, if relevant for the matters discussed.

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