The European Magnetometry Network joins EMA

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Mag-Net is a newly-federated community around magnetometry at the European scale.

The European Magnetometry Network (Mag-Net) is a federated community around magnetometry, which ambitions to help define, create and protect jobs in universities, research institutions, SMEs and industries through instrumentation, novel science, innovating products and processes, as well as new industrially compatible characterization methods.

Mag-Net currently gathers researchers, engineers and university staff from about 40 academic and private institutions in 9 European countries, and covers a large spectrum of expertise including physics, chemistry, material sciences, geology, biology, nanotechnologies. Its R&D activities are currently performed through the MagNet consortium funded by EIT KIC RawMaterials.

The European Magnetism Association and Mag-Net decided to work cooperatively to strengthen their visibility and impact. Mag-Net is considered by EMA as the European gateway to magnetometry, and all matters pertaining to magnetometry are assigned to Mag-Net. The president of Mag-Net, Thomas Hauet, is member of the Editorial Committee of EMA, in charge of gathering news of braod relevance for the community.

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