Magnetism in FET proactive consultation

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Ideas for spintronics and magnetism posted

Many ideas related to spintronics and magnetism have been posted in the FET proactive consultation, in the forum of the European Commission Future and Emerging Technologies program:

  • SPIN COMPUTING: ultrafast, ultralow power, highly endurant and radiation hard
  • Spin: Advancing the art of electronics
  • Spin-orbitronics and topology for the development a new generation of low power reconfigurable spintronic devices
  • Spin Orbit Effects for ultimately efficient spin dynamics of ultimately stable spin structures
  • Developing the synergy between magnetism and light
  • Magnonic spintronics and waste heat recovery by the spin Seebeck effect
  • Magnon Computing
  • Spintronics and Nanomagnetism for Brain-Inspired Computing
  • Exploring magnonics and spin charge conversion
  • Hybrid organic/inorganic spintronics
  • Magnetic Nanohybrids: Nanomagnets and nanomagnetic devices for energy conserving applications

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