Partial renewal of JEMS committee

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The JEMS International Advisory Committee (IAC) has been partially renewed: we are welcoming seven new members and are grateful to those members that have finished their term.

The newly-appointed members are (term expires 2028): Stephen Blundell (UK), David Brown (UK), Claire Donnelly (Germany), Katarzyna Gas (Poland), Andrei Kiriliouk (Netherlands), Myriam Pannetier-Lecoeur (France), Aurélie Spiesser (Japan).

They are replacing the following past members: Ekkes Brück (Netherlands), Florence Gazeau (France), Julie Grollier (France), Oliver Gutfleisch (Germany), Bert Koopmans (Netherlands), Yoshichika Otani (Japan), Larissa Panina (Russia).

See also all JEMS-IAC members.

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