EMA Editorial for December 2022

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In this Editorial, Daniela PETTI, Officer for Digital Networking, and Bertrand DUPE, Officer for Low Carbon Footprint (Past Officer for Digital Networking) present an overview of the EMA online seminars.

Dear colleagues,

Since November 2020, the European Magnetism Association (EMA) has been organizing a series of online seminars, including both plenary lectures by established scientists and early-career e-seminars by early-stage researchers. These events aim to promote Magnetism in Europe and encourage networking among EMA members while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

During the last year, the recorded video abstracts and seminars, available on the EMA website, have been viewed more than 4000 times and accessed from over 3,000 different devices (computers, tablets, etc.). The majority of viewers are from Europe, but we also have viewers from around the globe, e.g., from India, the US, and Japan. Regarding the live sessions, apart from zoom attendees, we reached more than 400 people on Twitch and more than 100 people attended some of the streamed events.

Here we would like to highlight some novelties regarding the series. Firstly we'd like to thank the previous members of the organizing committee, Nuala Caffrey, Stefaan Cottenier, and Joo-Von Kim, for their valuable work and to welcome the new members Can Onur Avci and Susana Freitas. Secondly, we just started to expand the plenary lecture series to "textbook style" seminars, in collaboration with the European School of Magnetism; we expanded also the topics to non-research related themes of interest for our community, such as communication and gender equity in science.

Our vision remains to ensure geographical, thematic, and gender diversity of the researchers working in the field of magnetism; to accomplish this task, we need the help of the members of the association. We welcome your suggestions and input concerning the seminars and, above all, your nominations for the early-career scientist series. If you have seen an excellent Ph.D. defense or a postdoc seminar, please let us know about it. The nomination can be made by sending an e-mail to Daniela Petti or via the form available on the EMA website.

We hope to see you all online!
With our best regards,
Daniela PETTI, Officer for Digital Networking
Bertrand DUPE, Officer for Low Carbon Footprint (Past Officer for Digital Networking)

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