7 edition of the InMRAM school

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The school Introductory course on Magnetic Random Access Memory is taking place in a virtual format from November 21 to 23 2022

The seventh edition of the InMRAM school takes place from November 21 to 23 2022 in a virtual format, allowing to host 150 participants. The school covers various aspects of MRAM technology: basic spintronics phenomena involved in MRAM, materials or various MRAM concepts and architectures. It will also address a comparison with other emerging non-volatile memories technologies (Ferroelectric, Phase Change RAM and Resistive RAM) in terms of working principle, performance, applications and markets. A special focus is dedicated to the perspectives of low-power electronic circuits based on this hybrid CMOS/magnetic technology, as well as emerging applications to unconventional computing, ultrafast all-optical switching, skyrmions and domain walls. InMRAM is organized by SPINTEC, like for all previous editions. More details can be found on the InMRAM website: www.InMRAM.com

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