EMA Editorial for June 2022

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In this Editorial, Burkard HILLEBRANDS and Olivier FRUCHART, respectively EMA president and vice-President, disclose the election results for the General Council 2022.

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the European Magnetism Association,

As we do every year, we elect new members for the expiring seats on the General Council. This year we held elections for the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Serbia, and Ukraine. Currently, the seats of the representatives of Russia and Belarus are suspended. That is why we have left out Belarus this time, where under normal conditions a new representative would have had to be elected.

It happened that for all countries for which elections are held, the current holders of the seats were eligible for a second term. All agreed to run again for election. Yet, in the EMA Newsletter of April this year, we had called for possible additional nominations. However, we did not receive any new nominations. Therefore, the ballot contained only the names of the current incumbents.

The election for General Council 2022 has just ended. All candidates were re-elected with a large majority. It is with great pleasure to announce the names: Ivan Nedkov (Bulgaria), Damir Pajić (Croatia), Cathrine Frandsen (Denmark), Raivo Stern (Estonia), Maarit Karppinen (Finland), Andrejs Cebers (Latvia), Anatolie Sidorenko (Moldova), Dennis Gerhard Meier (Norway), Vladan Kusigerski (Serbia) and Alex Tovstolytkin (Ukraine). We congratulate our renewed members and wish them a very successful second term in the General Council.

A few words on the description of the election procedure: The election is for a term of three years with a possible extension for a second term. Potential candidates are proposed per country by EMA members from that country, often by societies in that country involved in magnetism research, such as national physical societies. All members of the General Council vote on all candidates. If there is only one nomination for a particular country, the voting process is more like a ballot - with the possibility of the candidate failing.

Burkard HILLEBRANDS, President
Olivier FRUCHART, Vice-President
on behalf of the European Magnetism Association (EMA)

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