The EMA with Ukraine

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Our thoughts are in Ukraine and with our colleagues there.

The European Magnetism Association is shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our partnership with Ukrainian Science, with scientists in and from Ukraine, in particular in the field of Magnetism, is very strong. Our thoughts are in Ukraine and with our colleagues there. Our full solidarity goes to our Ukrainian colleagues and their families.

Burkard Hillebrands, President of the European Magnetism Association.


Below we also provide statement from the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), originally distributed on 1 March 2022.

IUPAP statement on the events occurring in Ukraine

We are consternated by the news regarding the Russian military offensive in Ukraine and the terrible consequences that this has on the lives of our colleagues in Ukraine. We extend our deepest sympathy and solidarity to them and to all the Ukrainian people at this difficult time. We praise the large number of Russian colleagues who have expressed their sympathy for their Ukrainian colleagues and demanded peace for their countries (e.g., see https://trv-science.ru/en/2022/02/we-are-against-war-en/). In our 100th anniversary this year, we note the critically important historical role that IUPAP has always strived to play in bringing physicists together across political divides even during our most difficult years in the past. IUPAP continues to embrace and promote scientific collaboration across the world as a driver for peace.

The IUPAP Executive Council

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