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EMA gradually increases its impact on social networks (LinkedIn >1000, Twitter ~ 500 followers). Follow us in case you want to receive real-time content (new events, jobs, links, ...) and extra information not featured in our newsletters.

EMA has recently reached a clear milestone as regards its presence on social networks. We have now over 1000 followers on LinkedIn, and close to 500 on Twitter.

You can check and subscribe to our LinkedIn or Twitter profile where we post (almost) all new information added to our website (news, events, job offers - available positions, useful links related to magnetism).

While this information is aggregated in our monthly newsletter [subscribe], on social networks you will get this information in real-time. In addition, you will get extra content not present in the newsletter, typically job offers with a close deadline, or pushing magnetism-related information from other organizations and acocunts.

Timeline of EMA presence on social networks

Do you have any suggestion what would you like to see (in addition) on our profiles, how to improve, ...? Let us know! Via social networks or contact form.

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