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EMA is establishing series of Plenary e-lectures and Early-Career seminars. These aim at disseminating science and promoting the geographical, thematic and gender diversity of the researchers working in all fields of magnetism, while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

At the last meeting of its General Council, the European Magnetism Association decided to establish a series of online seminars to ensure the broad visibility of its members and their work, while maintaining a low carbon footprint. The series will also be a good opportunity to reflect on and otherwise encourage the geographical, thematic and gender diversity of the researchers working in the field of magnetism. The e-seminar series will be streamed via Zoom and live-streamed on the EMA twitch channel (twitch.tv/eumagneticassociation).

These series will be composed of two lecture types:

- Plenary EMA e-lectures. These e-lectures intend to give a general audience lecture on magnetism and beyond. These lectures will be a good opportunity to gain an overview of a research area and will take place every month. The speakers will be directly contacted by the members of the steering committee.

- Early-career EMA e-seminars. These e-seminars intend to feature and promote early-stage researchers. These lectures will typically be similar to a PhD defense or postdoc seminar and will occur every two weeks. The nomination of early-career researchers shall be made preferably by their supervisors or other established researchers, but self-nomination is also accepted.

The abstracts and names of possible speakers will be collected by EMA at the address contact@magnetism.eu and will take the form of a 30s video. Both abstracts and lectures of the selected speakers will be recorded and archived on the EMA website.

The e-seminars (both Plenary and Early-Career) will take place on Thursdays from 11:00 to 12:00 CET. You will be notified of the dates, speakers and topics via the official EMA communication channels (email, Twitter, LinkedIn and the EMA website).

We hope that you will enjoy the e-seminars and look forward to receiving your feedback.

The e-seminar steering committee:

Dr. Nuala Caffrey, member (University College Dublin, Ireland)
Dr. Daniela Petti, member (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Prof. Stefaan Cottenier, member (Ghent University, Belgium)
Dr. Joo-Von Kim, member (CNRS, France)
Dr. Bertrand Dupé, member and Carbon footprint officer (FNRS - Uni. Liège)

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