2020 EMA awards: results

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The EMA 2020 Young Scientist Award goes to Claire Donnelly
The EMA 2020 Dominique Givord award goes to Wolfgang Wernsdorfer

In 2019, the European Magnetism Association (EMA) established two awards. The Young Scientist Award is awarded every year to a young scientist, for theoretical or experimental work performed mostly in Europe, in fields of fundamental or applied magnetism. The Dominique Givord Award for Advancing Magnetism in Europe is awarded every three years to an excellent Scientist (or scientists), who has significantly helped to push forward magnetism research and the magnetism community in Europe.

The call for 2020 concerned both awards. The nominations have been reviewed by a committee chosen among the General Council of EMA and chaired by Christian Back, the Officer for honors and awards.

The Young Scientist Award 2020

The Young Scientist Award goes to Claire Donnelly for advances in the experimental characterization of spin textures and their dynamics in three dimensions with X-ray techniques.

Claire Donnelly is currently a Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow in the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. She received her PhD in 2017 from the ETH Zurich for her work on hard X-ray tomography of three-dimensional magnetic structures based at the Paul Scherrer Institute. Following a postdoc at the ETH Zurich, she moved to the University of Cambridge and the Cavendish in January 2019, where she is focusing on the dynamics of three-dimensional magnetic nanostructures.

Her research focuses on three dimensional magnetic systems, which she studies using sophisticated synchorotron X-rays to determine the three-dimensional magnetic configurations, and their dynamic behaviour, at the nanoscale.

More information: https://www.phy.cam.ac.uk/directory/dr-claire-donnelly

The Dominique Givord Award 2020

The Dominique Givord award goes to Wolfgang Wernsdorfer for advancing the field of single molecule magnets, magnetization tunneling and molecular spintronics.

Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, born in Germany in 1966, studied physics at the University of Würzburg and École Normale Supérieure in Lyon. In 1993, he became a doctoral researcher at the Low Temperature Laboratory and the Laboratoire Louis Néel in Grenoble, France, where he then stayed as a researcher. In 2004, he became directeur de recherche at the Institut NEEL in Grenoble. In 2016, he accepted a position as Humboldt Professor at the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Quantum Materials and Technologies at the KIT, Germany.

His current research focuses on quantum technologies with solid state devices.

More information: http://www.phi.kit.edu/wernsdorfer.php

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