First eMRAM solutions by GlobalFoundries

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GlobalFoundries starts producing eMRAM solutions, first customer tape-outs by the end of 2020.

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GlobalFoundries announced that it has delivered the first production-ready eMRAM on its 22FDX platform for IoT and automotive applications. The company says that its advanced eMRAM provides a "cost-effective solution for low-power, non-volatile code and data storage applications".

GF says that it has entered production and is working with several clients with multiple production tape-outs scheduled in 2020. GF's eMRAM is designed as a replacement for high-volume embedded NOR flash (eFLASH). GF says that its eMRAM has passed five rigorous real-world solder reflow tests, and has demonstrated 100,000-cycle endurance and 10-year data retention across the -40°C to 125°C temperature range. The FDX eMRAM solution supports AEC-Q100 quality grade 2 designs, with development in process to support an AEC-Q100 quality grade 1 solution next year.

GF is now offering custom design kits with drop-in silicon validated MRAM macros ranging from 4 to 48 mega-bits, along with the option of MRAM built-in-self-test support. GF is supporting eMRAM at its 300 mm production line at Fab 1 in Dresden, Germany. GF's eMRAM technology was licensed from Everspin.

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