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JEMS2020 Conference will be held ONLINE. Abstract and grant application submissions for the JEMS are open till 24 July 2020. Other key dates and already confirmed (semi)plenary speakers are listed below.

[Archived news; Event turned into VIRTUAL conference in October 2020]

JEMS2020, 7-11 December 2020 in Lisbon, Website; Flyer [OLD dates]

The JEMS2020 Conference will be held in a mixed format: combining face-to-face presentations with virtual sessions.

The Organizing Committee and EMA consider this mixed model would adapt better to the needs and constraints of the participants, who would travel from all around the world to Lisbon in a normal year but may find travelling an impossible option in 2020, under the exceptional situation of COVID-19.

The sessions will occur in a face-to-face format, but we will have some virtual conference rooms available. We hope this hybrid conference format motivates a high participation of exciting people worldwide to share new research results at the Conference, face-to-face or virtually.

Abstracts, grants, key dates

EMA and JEMS2020 will financially support attendance of several students and young researchers to the Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS2020). More information HERE. Applications till 24 July 2020 (extended).

Abstract submission is open (again)! Submit your abstract.
Abstract submission deadline: 24 July 2020 (extended).
Results Communication: 15 September 2020 (changed).

Early Bird Registration closes on 2 October 2020 (changed)

Plenary and Semi-plenary Speakers (confirmed)

  • Alberto Morpurgo, University of Geneva
  • Bernard Dieny, SPINTEC
  • Claudia Felser, Max Planck Institute
  • Dirk Grundler, EPFL
  • Mathias Klaui, University of Mainz
  • Theo Rasing, Radboud University Nijmegen

Special Technical Session: building bridges with magnetic technology

  • Bryan Cadugan, Allegro Microsystems
  • Martijn Heck, Aarhus University
  • Dirk Meyners, Kiel University

Opportunities and info for Exhibitors and Sponsors

[original post added on 12 March 2020; later JEMS postponed to 7-11 Dec 2020. Key dates changed accordingly]

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