2019 Laureate of Olivier Kahn International Award (molecular magnetism)

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The laureate of 7th Olivier Kahn International Award is Dr. Nicholas Chilton, Research Fellow at the Department of Chemistry of Manchester University, United Kingdom.

Olivier Kahn was a pioneer in molecular magnetism, a brilliant scientist and teacher, and deeply committed to the promotion of talented young scientists. The European Institute of Molecular Magnetism follows the tradition of the MAGMANet European Network of Excellence that created a prestigious award bearing his name, the Olivier Kahn International Award, to honour a young scientist who has received his/her Ph. D. within the last 10 years. The award, an “Olivier Kahn Medal”, designed by “La Monnaie de Paris”, is accompanied by a prize of 3 000 Euros, to help the laureate to develop his/her research and to participate in major international conferences.

The 2019 laureate, Dr. Nicholas Chilton, has made original contributions in the field of molecular nanomagnets to understand and then to enhance their memory effects. Among his major achievements, he provided a foundation for modelling the electronic structure of paramagnetic complexes, toward a rigorous understanding of factors governing magnetic anisotropy and slow magnetic relaxation of single molecule magnets (SMM), which led to the discovery of a dysprosocenium complex that exhibits a magnetic blocking temperature of greater than 50 K—much higher than had been observed previously for a SMM, approaching the so-called “liquid nitrogen ceiling”, when applications become feasible.

More information can be found in the Press release.

News suggested by: Andrea Caneschi (LAMM UniFI, Italy).

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