Postdoc: Spintronic physics and devices

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2022-11-17 | Post-doc

Lab/Company : Brown University

Location : Providence, RI, United States

Yearly income :


Expiration : 2022-12-31 [YYYY-MM-DD]

Description of the offer :

The Nanoscale Physics and Devices Lab led by Professor Gang Xiao in the Department of Physics at Brown University is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate to perform research on spintronic physics and devices. The primary objective is to design, fabricate, and test ultrasensitive solid-state magnetic tunneling junction sensors and arrays, and apply them to investigate physical and/or biological systems.

The research requires the understanding of the basic physics in spintronics and engineering to make the spintronic devices highly performing. The project involves high vacuum thin film deposition, microelectronics fabrication, magnetometry and magnetotransport characterization, and applications of spintronics. The candidate is encouraged to participate in other projects in Professor Xiao’s lab. Previous experience with spintronics, thin film materials and synthesis, lithography, microelectronic processing, and characterization is an advantage, but not a necessity.

Source and further information: https://www.spintalks.org/jobs/jobs_gxiao

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