PhD: Direct integration of nanostructured soft magnets for RF applications

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2022-05-23 | PhD

Lab/Company : LPCNO/LAAS

Location : Toulouse, France

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Expiration : 2022-08-31 [YYYY-MM-DD]

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The massive development of wireless communications, for mobile telephony but also between connected objects (Internet Of Things - IoT), requires (i) the miniaturization of components and (ii) the reduction of electromagnetic losses in order to increase the complexity of high-frequency integrated circuits and improve their performance. The integration of soft magnetic material with optimized properties can contribute significantly to these two objectives but faces technological issues.

The objective of the thesis is to develop soft magnets using the so-called "bottom-up" approach, which consists in assembling nanoparticles to obtain a new material with optimized properties. The phD student will develop skills in materials characterization (X-ray diffraction, magnetic measurements) micro-fabrication, RF electrical measurements, electromagnetic modeling and, if desired, chemical synthesis.

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