JEMS 2018 - Registration open, Abstract deadline: 6th April, 2018

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Joint European Magnetic Symposia 2018: Abstract deadline extended till 6th April, 2018. Online registration open (early bird rate till 15th July, 2018).

Joint European Magnetic Symposia 2018, Mainz, Germany, 3-7 September 2018.
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Abstract submission deadline (extended): 6th April, 2018. Submit your abstract

Online registration is open till 28th August 2018 (early bi(r)d till 15th July, 2018).

Authors with abstracts accepted for presentation at JEMS 2018 will be invited to contribute papers (subject to review) to a special issue of Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. The paper submission will be open from 1st April till 5th August, 2018.

List of symposia:

1 Biomagnetism and medical applications
2 Electronic correlations, superconductivity, superconducting spintronics
3 Frustrated and disordered magnetism
4 Magnetic memories and magnetic recording, sensors
5 Magnetic thin films, surface, interfaces, and nano-structured low dimensional systems
6 Magnetic shape memory, magnetoelastic and multifunctional materials
7 Magnetism and spintronics in molecular materials and carbon based systems
8 Antiferromagnets and antiferromagnetic spintronics
9 Spin transport and spin dynamics
10 Magnetic materials for energy applications
11 Micromagnetic modelling
12 Ultrafast laser-induced magnetization dynamics, magneto-optics and magnetoplasmonics
13 Complex oxides, multiferroics and composite multiferroics
14 Domain walls, vortices and skyrmions
15 Spin waves and magnonics
16 Spins for quantum technologies
17 Spin caloritronics
18 Magnetism and spin transport in topological materials

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