Renewal of the Scientific Committee of ESM

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Seven new members joined the Scientific Advisory Committee of the European School on Magnetism, compensating for eight members having left the committee this year.

The arrival of new members follows: 1/ the creation of the steering committee of ESM earlier this year, with members partly coming from the scientific committee 2/ The turnover from members having served for eight years (four schools). The latter are Pietro Gambardella (Zürich, Switzerland), Jürgen Kirschner (Halle, Germany), Manuel Richter (Dresden, Germany) and Tomas Dietl (Warsaw, Poland). We warmly thank them for they continued contribution over the years, key to sustain the quality of the School.

The new members are:

Agustina Asenjo
Madrid, Spain

Nora Dempsey
Grenoble, France

Sebastian Gönnenwein
Dresden, Germany

Virginie Simonet
Grenoble, France

Robert Stamps
Glasgow, UK

Bartel Van Waeyenberge
Ghent, Belgium

Wolfgang Wernsdorfer
Karlsruhe, Germany

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