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The pressure for attending ESM has been rising steadily over the years. An increase of the number of Schools has been decided accordingly.

The result of the selection process to attend ESM2017 was disclosed to the applicants on May 15th. While we are glad of the success of the School, and we are happy about the ever-rising number of requests for participation, we are concerned that we had to reject two thirds of the applications although most of them were a very good fit for the School.

This situation leads us to propose a change in the school organization. From now on, we will seek to organize an ESM school yearly (instead of the two-year period implemented until now), with a break in the years when the Summer School of the IEEE Magnetics Society is hosted in Europe. This way, over a four-year period, the school would be held typically three times, instead of the current two times, still with circa 90-110 attendees per session. So that we can handle the practical aspects of a more frequent organization, we will seek to have ESM travel more systematically within Europe, part of the organization being transferred to the local hosts. The next ESM schools are scheduled to take place as follows:
* ESM2017, Cargèse (France), 9-21 October, chair Virginie Simonet (Grenoble)
* ESM2018, Krakow (Poland), typically second half of September, chair Marek Przybylski
* ESM2019, Brno (The Czech Republic), typically September, chair Michal Urbanek
* ESM2020, Saarbrücken (Germany), typically October, chair Leon Abelmann, in association with Kaiserslautern and Nancy.
* 2021: could be a break

We hope that this will decrease the level of frustration of students being unable to attend the School, while further enhancing the education and networking impact of ESM in the European community of Magnetism.

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