3D Printing of Polymer Bonded Magnets

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3D printer can deliver polymer bonded NdFeB magnets with a specific complex shape.

Polymer bonded magnets enable the manufacturing of complex shapes and features by design flexibility regarding shape and magnetizing structure. Recently it was shown that an end-user 3D printer can be used to print polymer bonded NdFeB magnets with a specific complex shape [1]. By means of inverse stray field and topology optimization simulations, a specific external field of a magnetic system can be designed and manufactured instantly by the help of the additive manufacturing procedure [2, 3]. The combination of a single-unit manufacturing technology for bonded magnets with a simulation framework that can generate magnets with a tailored magnetic field is long-desired for magnetic sensing applications.

News suggested by: Martin Grönefeld (Magnetfabrik Bonn, Bonn, Germany).

More information and further reading:

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See also: Big Area Additive Manufacturing of High Performance Bonded NdFeB Magnets. Scientific Reports 6 (2016). http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/srep36212

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