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We received over 230 applications from over 40 countries, and selected 88 participants.

The process for submitting a request to participate in the European School on Magnetism has been open from March 1st to April15th 2017. We received over 230 applications from over 40 countries, mostly European. This is a success in terms of attractiveness, however the consequence is a very high rejection rate, the number of positions being 88 this year. The increasing rejection rate has been raising the question of the possible increase of periodicity of the School, currently two years. This question will be addressed in the future by the steeering committee of the School.

More than 235 persons, working in more than 40 different countries, have requested participation to ESM 2017. 81% are PhD students, the remaining are post-docs (9%), undergraduate students (4%), and other situations (permanent staff and companies).

Among these, 88 of them will be selected for participation.

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