Foundation of the European Magnetism Association

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Following the association between JEMS and ESM a few years ago, and the progressive rise of MAGNETISM.eu web site, a European Magnetism Association has been officially founded to provide a legal framework to magnetism-related actions at the European level.


EMA addresses various purposes:

  • Education and training in the field of magnetism
  • Advancement in the understanding of magnetism, and dissemination of the results of magnetism research in Europe
  • Developments in magnetism-related applications
  • Promote links with companies active in magnetic materials and devices
  • The representation of the magnetism community in science policy related affairs
  • Interactions with the magnetism community worldwide

Key actions

Key actions of the European Magnetism Association include:

  • The organization of the Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS). This is the largest and most comprehensive conference on magnetism in Europe. JEMS focuses on a broad range of topics embracing applicative and fundamental aspects of magnetism, as well as novel magnetic materials.
  • The organization of the European School on Magnetism (ESM). This is a biyearly event for the higher education of young European scientists in the field of Magnetism, also promoting networking and creating effective links between academics and the industry.
  • Promoting dissemination and networking through MAGNETISM.eu web site. Besides hosting ESM and JEMS information, it provides a comprehensive world-wide agenda of magnetism-related events, a market for posting job offers related to magnetism, a broad-scope series of links.
  • Keeping the community informed through a monthly newsletter. You may subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter.


The European School of Magnetism (ESM) and the Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS) are two long-standing major events in the European community of magnetism. In 2010 the International Advisory Committee of JEMS and the Scientific Advisory Committee of ESM decided that the two events should be closely linked, as both were being organized in a similar collaborative spirit, with a view to sustaining the European activity in Magnetism. The second decision was to create a unique gateway to both events, which is the present Magnetism.eu, after being progressively extended to host an agenda of events in the field of magnetism, a service for posting and searching for positions in the field of magnetism, and serve as a basis for issuing a monthly newsletter. The European Magnetism Association was officially founded during JEMS2016, to act as a legal entity to encompass this set of actions.


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