Graduate Photonic Scientist [for magnetic and magneto-optic recording heads]

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2021-07-21 | Indefinite contract

Lab/Company : Seagate Technology

Location : Londonderry, United Kingdom

Yearly income :


Expiration : 2021-08-13 [YYYY-MM-DD]

Description of the offer :

About the role - you will:

Leveraging our high-tech clean room fabrication facility using the most advanced manufacturing processes and design tools you’ll be responsible for research and development in the areas of plasmonics, photonics integration, optical design and thin-film wafer processing for the manufacture of next generation magnetic and magneto-optic recording heads.

  • Fabricate and characterize heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) heads
  • Fabricate novel photonic integrated devices, structures and systems.
  • Perform magnetic, optical and thermal modelling in support of experimental efforts.
  • Develop process methods in area of photolithography, deposition, dry and wet etch techniques.
  • Develop wafer testing capability, system design and test methodologies for photonic devices.
  • Manage the acquisition, handling and vetting of data-sets to correlate experimental test results with downstream device performance and reliability.
  • Project plan and collaborate with adjacent teams and internal customers


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