PhD: Towards Ab Initio Micromagnetism

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Location : Vienna, Austria

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University of Vienna is offering a PhD position in the framework of a collaborative research between the groups of Prof. Cesare Franchini (ab initio magnetism) and Prof. Dieter Süss (Micromagntism) at the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics at the University of Vienna. Focus of PhD research is ab initio micromagnetism. Magnetism is an intrinsically quantum phenomena arising from the spin properties of the electrons but its effects persist at macroscopic level and can be exploited for practical fictionalization, the prime example being magnetic storage or magnetic recording. The problem is characterized by several length and time scales which are generally addressed by distinct theoretical and computational approaches: first principles schemes in the Å scale, atomistic spin dynamics in the nm scale and micromagnetism at (and beyond) the µm length scale.

This PhD project aims to narrow the bridge between the quantum and macroscopic description of magnetism by obtaining ab intio material-specific inputs for micromagnetic calculations, including exchange interactions, magnetic anisotropy and non-collinear spin interactions (multipolar and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. These inputs will be used in semiclassical continuum models and atomistic simulation to study magnetic transition temperatures, formation domain walls and magnetization dynamics. The overall goal is to build up a robust and versatile computational protocol from spins to devices combining the expertise of ab intio magnetism (Franchini) and micromagnetic models (Süss). This combined computational scheme will be first tested and benchmarked for known ferromagnetic alloys and later applied to study novel systems with a primary focus on thin films and low dimensional magnets.

The Vienna Doctoral School in Physics is a vibrant community:
*Of more than 130 capable, creative and critical young researcher personalities,
*Embedded in more than 40 scientific teams,
*With innovative experimental, theoretical and computational capabilities.

For detailed information about projects and procedures, please see: vds-physics.univie.ac.at Online applications are accepted until 30 August 2020. The most promising candidates can be invited to Vienna for the recruitment days in fall 2020, to meet the faculty and to explore how their interests and capabilities match our research opportunities.

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