Postdoc/engineer: Magnetometry - magnetic characterization

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Location : Nancy, France

Yearly income :


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Description of the offer :

One year post-doc/enginner position starting in autumn 2020 (contract can be extended after one year) at Institut Jean Lamour (IJL), France.

There are two main objectives for the post-doc/engineer work. The first task is internal to IJL plateform. The post-doc/engineer must optimize the magnetometry tools, train new regular users, perform measurement service for non-regular academic and private users, and participate to on-going scientific projects. The post-doc/engineer will also participate to R&D projects of the plateform. The second role consists in developing and promoting the networks R&D activities. This includes website improvement, lifelong training, meeting new partners, performing R&D work.

More information in the attached PDF (See details).

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